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Procedure and candidates for new Vice-chair of SDA

Every convention the AES Student Delegate Assembly elects a new Vice-chair depending on the region the convention is taking place. So in Europe, the new Vice-Chair for Europe and International Regions is elected and in the US - Vice-Chair for North and Latin American Regions.

Interested in joining the SDA? Please, take a look at this note from former SDA Chair, Brecht De Man,  about his experience with the SDA and Officer's responsibilities:

All AES Student Members interested in applying for an SDA Officer position must send their submission prior to the deadline set up by the current SDA board and attend the corresponding convention in person. At the SDA-1 meeting, on the first day of the convention, you will be asked to introduce yourself and present your candidacy with a short (1 minute) speech introducing yourself. During the SDA-2 meeting (last day of convention), the candidates will speak for 2-3 minutes to state their case for being the next SDA Vice-Chair. After, students will elect the new vice-chair by way of a ballot. There will only be one vote per section.











 AES 145th Convention candidates - North and Latin America representatives

Alex Dempsey

My name is Alex Dempsey and I would like to announce my candidacy for Vice Chair of North and Latin America for the upcoming election cycle. After reviewing the criteria for the position and the responsibilities of the Chair and Vice Chair, I am confident that I would be an excellent candidate to fulfill that role.

I grew up in Wantagh, New York where my musical journey began. At a very young age I took a strong interest in music, playing guitar, drums and piano. I continued my passion throughout high school where I took lessons in classical and jazz guitar as well as piano classes in school. My first experience in the audio world was when I got invited to attend a recording session with John Machado, an Audio Recording Technology professor at Five Towns College. I instantly fell in love. With my interest sparked, I began pursuing a college career in music and audio. I currently have the privilege of attending Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York as a Sound Recording Technology student.

My time at Ithaca College has been life changing. My professors, classmates and friends have all inspired me to continue pursuing what I love. The Audio Engineering Society chapter at Ithaca College is one of my favorite parts of studying audio. Hearing presentations from tons of different people every week has provided me with a really unique opportunity to learn more about the audio community and given me the ability to expand my learning beyond the music school itself.

As a student delegate, I would love to express mine and my colleagues feelings about the audio industry and what students want to see. I hope I get the opportunity to make a real impact on the industry while expanding my knowledge and improving network opportunities.

Christopher Joseph Mallamaci

My name is Chris Mallamaci and I am a senior studying audio at Emerson College in Boston. As the chair of our student chapter, I’ve organized a number of events that have connected students with professionals in our area. For me, this is what the AES is all about: making connections and learning outside of the classroom. We’ve had visits from distinguished alumni and current industry professionals and we’re bringing a number of students down to New York. Some are attending their very first AES Convention. I am putting my name forward to run for AES Student Delegate Assembly because I’m a good organizer and I love what happens at the AES.

 Christian Steinmetz

 I am a senior at Clemson University studying Electrical Engineering and Audio Technology. I have been interested in audio since middle school when I began recording my friends’ bands in my bedroom and building loudspeakers for the science fair. Since then, I have continued my work in audio through my software projects and position as Chief Engineer at WSBF-FM Clemson, the university’s student-run radio station. As Chief Engineer, I maintain and repair our broadcast equipment and help organize sound reinforcement for our live events and WSBF Live Sessions program. In addition, I have worked with local musicians as a producer and mastering engineer.

I have been a member of the AES since 2016 and attended the 143rd AES convention last year to present my work in the Saul Walker Student Design Competition. I have a research interest in intelligent signal processing and have been working to build assistive tools for audio engineers. I plan to attend graduate school to continue in my work building tools that aid audio engineers in more easily creating quality productions and innovating in their craft.

As a member of the AES SDA, I hope to give back to the AES student community and help better our student programs with a focus on increasing value for student members and expanding opportunities for connecting with fellow students from around the world.



Check back for our AES 146th Convention Europe and International Regions candidates! Will you apply?


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