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The Audio Engineering Society Educational Foundation is dedicated to encouraging the entry of talented students into the profession of audio engineering. Since its establishment in 1984, the Foundation has awarded grants for graduate studies to hundreds of exceptional applicants, many of whom have gone on to prominent and successful careers in the profession. Applications are accepted from students worldwide.

All applicants are required to have met these criteria:

  • The successful completion of an undergraduate degree program (typically four years) at a recognized college or university
  • A demonstrated commitment to audio engineering (or a related field) as a career choice
  • Acceptance or a pending application for graduate studies leading to a masters or higher degree, or an internationally recognized equivalent
  • Be a member in good standing of the Audio Engineering Society (any membership grade qualifies)

Awards are made annually, in August, and a recipient may apply for one-time renewal after the successful completion of at least one year of graduate studies. Payment will be sent directly to the graduate school on behalf of the student's tuition account.

Completed applications and renewal requests will be accepted at the Foundation offices from March 15, but not later than May 15. Receipt of applications will be acknowledged following the May 15 deadline.

The applicant will be responsible for submitting a complete application package which includes two current letters of recommendation.

Renewal grant requests should be made by a letter which summarizes applicant's achievements during the past year of graduate studies. The request must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation, one of which must be from the student's major professor or advisor. Recommendations should attest to the applicant's satisfactory progress toward the degree. Renewal grant applicants must complete page one of the application form.

Applications, recommendations and other materials must be typewritten or printed clearly. Elaborate presentations or CDs (which cannot be photocopied) will not be accepted. Email may be used for informal communications but not for applications or letters of recommendation. Incomplete applications, late applications and applications for vocational training will not be considered or acknowledged.

Application forms may be downloaded by clicking here.

The Part 1 of the application must be completed by the applicant by printing or typing. Part 2 should be copied in duplicate and sent to the two recommending faculty; one must be the applicant's major professor or academic advisor, and the other another faculty member or a distinguished professional in the field. Recommendations should attest to applicant's suitability for graduate studies in audio engineering or a related field.

Part 2 may be emailed to your reference choice by clicking here.

The entire application is interactive, and may be completed before printing by clicking in the answer space. You may type directly into the box which appears.

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