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AES 134 ROME | Student Design Competition Judges: Patrizio Pisani

 Introducing Student Design Competition judge Patrizio Pisani of ZP Engineering!


Patrizio Pisani


After years in the industrial sector, Patrizio started his work in pro audio hardware design in 1994 as a research engineer at IRIS, the research center for Farfisa/Bontempi. In 1998, Pisani co-founded ZP Engineering SRL, a consulting company specialized in digital audio design.

As a 50% shareholder of ZP, he worked as General Manager of System Design, hardware design, and production until July 2012. He then he assumed the role of Prime Consultant. His expertise is focused on system design, high-speed digital design,
digital audio interfaces, FPGA design, analog audio, system engineering, and production setup.


Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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