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AES138 | Meet the sponsors: Slate Digital


Established by Steven Slate and Fabrice Gabriel in 2008, Slate Digital strives to produce innovative products of exceptional quality. The Slate Digital line combines revolutionary ideas and concepts for the future of the pro audio industry with the complex DSP algorithms. Known for its digital emulation of analogue circuitry, Slate Digital's products include the FG-X Mastering Processor, Virtual Console Collection 2.0, Virtual Tape Machines, Virtual Buss Compressors, and the new Virtual Mix Rack.  Steven Slate is also known for his award winning drum products Trigger 2 Drum Replacer and SSD 4 Virtual Drum Instrument.  To accompany those, Slate offers extensive drum sample add-ons co-created with well-known engineers and studios: Chris Lord-Alge drums, Terry Date drums, David Bendeth drums, and the all new Blackbird Studios drum expansion.  Last but not least in the Slate arsenal is the Raven MTX MKII and Raven MTi Multi-touch Audio Production Systems. All of these products combine to form the complete production toolkit for the modern producer and engineer.

For more information visit:

Posted: Friday, April 17, 2015

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AES 138 | Meet the Judges #6: Mandy Parnell


Meet Mandy Parnell, one of our honorable judges of Category 2: Traditional Studio Recording of the Student Recording Competition at AES138 in Warsaw.

Award winning Mandy Parnell became interested in recorded music at the age of 5, listening to records on a portable Dansette player - the iPod of the time. 

She studied music and music technology through her school & college years, trained and worked in recording studios until landing an internship, which led to her becoming a world renowned mastering engineer. 

Mandy then decided to launch her own facility  - Black Saloon Studios.

Mandy Parnell's 30 years of experience have allowed her to discover and develop her philosophies in analogue and digital audio, while working with an amazing array of artists including Björk, Feist, The XX, Herbert, Frightened Rabbit, Sigur Rós and Brian Eno. 

Mandy's unique style as a mastering engineer has afforded her respect from all areas of the industry. She has mastered countless records that have achieved silver, gold, platinum and grammy status around the world, as well as winning for the second time this year the prestigious MPG Mastering Engineer of the Year award.

Recently Mandy has been working with Annie Lennox, mastered Aphex Twin's first release in 13 years 'Syro', Jungle, Philip Selway, Glass Animals, Ghostpoet, Jóhann Jóhannsson's soundtrack for the films "Prison" and "Theory of Everything", Ólafur Arnalds' sountrack for the TV series "Broadchurch", and Björk's critically acclaimed Vulnicura. Further Mandy has been featured on the BBC, Resolution magazine, Sound On Sound, Prosound news, NME and Audio Musica & Technologia.

As a firm believer in educating the next generation of producers and engineers, Mandy frequently lectures on mastering and the music industry at universities, colleges and organizations.


Posted: Thursday, April 16, 2015

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AES138 | Meet the sponsors: Cycling '74


Cycling '74 is a San Francisco-based software development company and music label, specializing in Interactive Media. The company is best known for their work with the digital signal processing software environment Max.

For more information about Max, please visit

Posted: Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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AES 138 | Meet the Judges #5: Ian Corbett

AES 138 | Meet the Judges #5: Ian Corbett

Meet Ian Corbett, one of our honorable judges of Category 1: Traditional Acoustic Recording of the Student Recording Competition at AES138 in Warsaw.

Ian Corbett is the Coordinator and Professor of Audio Engineering at Kansas City Kansas Community College. He also owns and operates "off-beat-open-hats - recording and sound reinforcement", specializing in servicing the needs of classical and jazz ensembles in the Kansas City area. Ian’s book “Mic It! – microphones, microphone techniques, and their impact on the mix” was published by Focal Press in 2014, and he also authors articles for Sound On Sound ("The Worlds Best Recording Technology Magazine"). Since 2004 he has been a member of the Audio Engineering Society's Education Committee, and has presented, mentored, and served on panels at local, regional, national, and international AES events as well as many other professional industry events. Ian holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in composition from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and he can frequently be found playing saxophone in Kansas City’s jazz clubs and restaurants.

For more information, please see:

Posted: Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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AES138 | Meet the sponsors: u-he

Berlin-based audio software company u-he was founded in 2001 by Urs Heckmann. Originally a one-man show, the company recently evolved into a tightly-knit team of employees, active associates and 3rd-party contractors – with ambitious plans.

Especially well known for the Zebra2 and Diva software synthesizers, u-he has developed several other successful products over the last decade, and regularly contributes freeware to popular magazines (available as download or on cover discs).

Despite their underlying complexity, u-he synths and effects are widely acclaimed for their ease of use. This is often attributed to Urs Heckmann's background as industrial designer. Heckmann sees the seemingly unconventional decision to start an audio software company as a direct result of his equal love for industrial design and for synthesizers.

Most recently, u-he has been exploring concepts for analogue synthesizers, and the first results can be heard in the software synths ACE / Bazille (audio-rate modulation paths) as well as Diva, Presswerk and Satin (accurate simulation of electronic circuitry). 

Hive is u-he's first foray into the world of low CPU dance-oriented synths, which is currently in open-beta stage and can be pre-ordered at 33% off. So if you're interested in giving it a go right now, go to KVR Audio for all the details.

For more information and sound examples visit u-he on YoutubeSoundcloud & Facebook, and

Posted: Monday, April 13, 2015

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AES 138 | Meet the Judges #4: Elizabeth Fausak

AES 138 | Meet the Judges #4: Elizabeth Fausak

Meet Elizabeth Fausak, one of our honorable judges of Category 4: Sound for Visual Media of the Student Recording Competition at AES138 in Warsaw.

Elizabeth Fausak is a post-production audio mixer and sound designer, working in television and independent film.  She has mixed shows for ABC, NBC, PBS, Discovery, Food Network, MTV, History, Cartoon Network, HBO, Al Jazeera, and Comedy Central, as well as mixing films featured at Cannes, Tribeca, and Sundance film festivals, among others.  Her work on the feature film Muscle Shoals earned her a 2014 Golden Reel nomination by the Motion Picture Sound Editors for Best Sound Editing, and she was dialog editor and re-recording mixer for the History Channel miniseries The Men Who Built America, which was awarded the 2013 Primetime Emmy for Sound Editing for Nonfiction Programming.  Ms. Fausak serves as an Assistant Professor of Audio Production at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.


Posted: Sunday, April 12, 2015

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AES138 | Meet the sponsors: Women's Audio Mission


Women's Audio Mission is a San Francisco-based, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women in music production and the recording arts. In a field where women are chronically under-represented (less than 5%), WAM seeks to "change the face of sound" by providing hands-on training, experience, career counseling and job placement to women and girls in media technology for music, radio, film, television and the internet. WAM believes that women's mastery of music technology and inclusion in the production process will expand the vision and voice of media and popular culture.

One Line Description: Dedicated to the advancement of women in music production and the recording arts.

Posted: Saturday, April 11, 2015

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AES138 | Reminder: Student Recording Competition Submission Deadline

AES138 | Reminder: Student Recording Competition Submission Deadline

Do you want to take part in the AES Student Recording Competition for the chance of gaining international reputation, receiving feedback from a panel of renowned industry professionals, and winning great prizes?

The deadline is just around the corner, so make sure you get your projects and documentation ready and submit before the end of April 14th.


What you need to do in order to participate:

1. Read the rules: Student Recording Competition

2. Get an all-access student badge for the convention!

3. Register and upload your entry: Student Recording Competition


The Student Delegate Assembly is looking forward to your submissions!

Posted: Friday, April 10, 2015

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AES 138 | Meet the Judges #3: Alex Case

AES 138 | Meet the Judges #3: Alex Case

Meet Alex Case, one of our honorable judges of Category 3: Modern Studio Recording and Electronic Music of the Student Recording Competition at AES138 in Warsaw.

Alex U. Case is an Associate Professor of Sound Recording Technology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, in the United States.  He is a total audio junkie.  With degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Music, and Acoustics, Professor Case has dedicated his professional life to the study of aesthetics, perception, signal processing, electro-acoustics and room acoustics for creating and enjoying recorded music. 

His research and professional activities focus heavily on the technical foundations, creative motivations, and aesthetic merit of recording and signal processing techniques used in multitrack production.  Case is a widely published author, with over 100 articles appearing in multiple journals and industry trade publications.  He has written the authoritative guide to audio signal processing in multitrack production, Sound FX – Unlocking the Creative Potential of Recording Studio Effects, published by Focal Press. Applying signal processing at the all-important mixdown session is covered in his book, Mix Smart - Pro Audio Tips for Your Multitrack Mix.  Case is also an author for’s Audio Channel of online, media-rich learning experiences.  He is the author of four titles, including Foundations of Audio: Delay and Modulation and Foundations of Audio:  Reverb.

A Fellow in the Audio Engineering Society, Case serves on the Education Committee (past Chair) and the Membership Committee (Co-Chair).  He has been a featured speaker and panelist for regional meetings around the world, and instructed dozens of standing-room only tutorials at AES International Conventions.  Case is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, serves the Technical Committee for Architectural Acoustics (past Chair), Technical Committee for Noise, Membership Committee and Publications Policy Committee and has been an invited contributor of many dozens of papers.

Check out his blog, – The Study of Recording, for tips, tricks, and audio references that illustrate all aspects of recording and mixing.

Posted: Friday, April 10, 2015

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AES138 | Meet the sponsors: Bettermaker



Bettermaker aims to create flexible devices with distinct sonic characteristics and a clean sound. 

Besides their purely analogue signal paths, the company's products have full digital recall. Bettermaker's engineers pick the best classic designs and modify them to improve the workflow in everyday use of audio professionals. As audio engineers are required to work faster and faster every day, they need to have high quality equipment that allows them to satisfy their clients' ever growing demands. 

Bettermaker combines the advantages of the digital and the analog world to provide just that.

For more information visit

Posted: Thursday, April 9, 2015

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