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Complete Journal: Volume 41 Issue 1/2
Optical Diffraction Methods for Analysis and Control of Pit Geometry on Optical Disks
Low-Frequency Loudspeaker Models That Include Suspension Creep
A High-Performance Voltage-Controlled Amplifier Using Positive Feedback
Low-Frequency Options: Design Curves for Vented-Box Loudspeakers
Complete Journal: Volume 41 Issue 3
Asymmetric All-Pass Crossover Alignments
The Effect of Head Shape on Spectral Stereo Theory
Echo Suppression for Loudspeaker-Microphone System Measurements
A Simple Method for Measuring Loudspeaker Cabinet Impedance
Directions in Digital Audio Broadcasting
Complete Journal: Volume 41 Issue 4
The Sound of the Orchestra
Sound Radiation from Acoustic Apertures
Direct-Reading One-Port Acoustic Network Analyzer
AUDIMIR: Directional Hearing at Microgravity
Complete Journal: Volume 41 Issue 5
Toward the 24-bit DAC: Novel Noise-Shaping Topologies Incorporating Correction for the Nonlinearity in a PWM Output Stage
Distortion Immunity of MLS-Derived Impulse Response Measurements
Methods for Multiple Wavetable Synthesis of Musical Instrument Tones
Real-Time Implementation of Asymmetrical Frequency-Modulation Synthesis
Comments on -Effficient Filter Design for Loudspeaker Equalization- and Authors' Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 41 Issue 6
Every One-Parameter Acoustic Field Obeys Webster's Horn Equation
Acoustic Waveguide Theory Revisited
Acoustic Waveguides-In Practice
Horn Modeling with Conical and Cylindrical Transmission-Line Elements
The Boundary-Element Method and Horn Design
Complete Journal: Volume 41 Issue 7/8
Theory and VLSI Architectures for Asynchronous Sample-Rate Converters
A New Approach to Assignable Control-Surface Design
An Engineering Study of the Four-Multiply Normalized Ladder Filter
A Dual-Channel MLS-Based Test System for Hearing-Aid Characterization
Complete Journal: Volume 41 Issue 9
Comments on -Optimum Reproduction Matrices for Multispeaker Stereo-
Filter Topologies
Axisymmetric Model of a Moving-Coil Loudspeaker
Moving Boundary Conditions and Nonlinear Propagation as Sources of Nonlinear Distortions in Loudspeakers
Force Conversion Factors of a Loudspeaker Driver
Comments on -A Linear-Phase Digital Equalizer with Cubic-Spline Frequency Response,- Author's Reply, and Response to Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 41 Issue 10
Further Comments on -A Computer Model of Binaural Localization for Stereo Imaging Measurement-
Auditory Distance Perception in Different Rooms
Microphone Arrays for Improving Speech Intelligibility in a Reverberant or Noisy Space
How to Achieve Optimum Performance from Delta-Sigma A/D and D/A Converters
Linear-Phase Digital Audio Tone Control Using Multiplication-Free FIR Filter
Comments on -A Computer Model of Binaural Localization for Stereo Imaging Measurement- and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 41 Issue 11
Introduction Volume 41, Number 11, on Auralization
Auralization-An Overview
Auralization of Impulse Responses Modeled on the Basis of Ray-Tracing Results
A Study of the Practicality and Accuracy of Impulse Response Calculations for the Auralization of Sound System Design
EARS Auralization Software
Audibility of Changes in Geometric Shape, Source Directivity, and Absorptive Treatment-Experiments in Auralization
Sound-Field Simulator for Room Acoustic Design and Assessment-Introduction of Wave-Theoretical Treatment to Synthesized Sound
A Sound-Field Simulation System and Its Application to a Seat-Selection System
Application of Binaural Hearing to Scale-Model Testing
Auralization in Scale Models: Processing of Impulse Response
Complete Journal: Volume 41 Issue 12
Characterization of Communications Systems Using a Speechlike Test Stimulus
New Playback-Head Azimuth Test
Signal-Biased MLS-Based Hearing-Aid Frequency Response Measurement
Coherent Demodulation of DSSC without Pilot Tone Using the Amplitude-Locked Loop
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