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A High-Quality Audio Coding System at 128 kb/s
Variable Bit-Coding for MPEG-1 Audio, Layers I and II
Second-Generation ISO/MPEG-Audio Layer III Coding
The Migration of AC-2 and AC-3 Coding Methods from Professional to Consumer Applications
Auralization in Small-Scale Models: Extending the Frequency Bandwidth
The Influence of Sound Absorption in Air on the Results of Acoustic Scale Model Measurements
How Loud is My Reverberation?
Evaluation of Low Bit-Rate Audio Codecs for a National Network
Measuring the Quality of Speech and Music Codecs: An Integrated Psychoacoustic Approach
Maintaining Sound Quality-Experiences and Constraints of Perceptual Measurements in Today's and Future Networks
Tonality Detection in Perceptual Coding of Audio
A Relevant Criterion for the Design of Wavelet Filters in High-Quality Audio Coding
Optimal Bit Allocation for MPEG-Audio Standard Using the Generalized BFOS Algorithm
Audio Engineering in the Field of Aviation Security
Passive and Active Control of the Low-Frequency Modes in a Small Room
Experimental Auralization of Car Audio Installations
Sound Diffusers Using Reactive Absorption Gratings
Large-Area Diffusers Using Modulated Phase Reflection Gratings
A Practical Metric for Evaluating Sound Diffusers
Physical Modeling of Plucked String Instruments with Application to Real-Time Sound Synthesis
New Approach to the Synthesis of Organ Pipe Sound
A Music Synthesizer Architecture that Integrates a Specialized DSP Core and a 16-Bit Microprocessor on a Single Chip
"Analog" Control of Digital Audio Signal Processing
Wavetable Interpolation Synthesis Based on Time-Variant Spectral Analysis of Musical Sounds
Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement in the Press-Conference Hall of the Russian Government
The Multimedia Systems for the Glaxo Auditorium, Verona, Italy
Directivity Response of Horn Arrays
The Effects of Spectators, Audiences, and Building on Sound System Performance
Simulation of Electron Tubes with Spice
A New Method for Linearization of a Classical-Type D/A Converter
Small-Size Audio Frequency Power Amplifiers
Measurement of Small Time Constants of Thermal Impedance of Bipolar Transistors with an Audio Analyzer
A Novel Crossover Delay PWM Amplifier
Professional Audio Applications of a New High-Performance Audio Attenuator IC in Dynamics Processing
Sound Enhancement by Wave Field Synthesis: Adaptation of the Synthesis Operator to the Loudspeaker Directivity Characteristics
Application of Spatial Bandwidth Reduction in Wave Field Synthesis
Recording and Reproduction of Sound Using Wave Field Synthesis
Evaluation of Loudspeaker Arrays for Wave Field Synthesis in Audio Reproduction
Multiband Analysis and Equalization of Loudspeaker Responses
Digital System for Loudspeaker and Room Equalization
Convolution Processing for Realistic Reverberation
New Developments in Electroacoustic Reverberation Technology
A Freely Configurable Audio-Mixing Engine with Automatic Load Balancing
Digital Signal Processing Issues in the Context of Binaural and Transaural Stereophony
Inverse Radiation Problem-Capabilities and Limitations
Modeling of Loudspeaker Moving-Assembly Vibrations and Sound Field in Small Volumes
A Model of Diffraction from Convex Loudspeaker Enclosure Edges
Solving the Wave Equation in Waveguides of Varying Cross Sections Using Spherical Coordinates
Acoustical Impedance of Structures for Miniaturized Transducers Design
Real Expectations for Reel Sound: Assessing the Aesthetic Implications of New Sound Technologies
An Audio Digital Signal Processing Algorithm Development Platform
The Application of Genetic Algorithms to Digital Audio Filters
Area Efficient Decimation Filter for an 18-Bit Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital Converter
Computationally Efficient Oversampling Filter Design for Real-Time Implementation
Design and Implementation of Linear-Phase Crossover Filters Using the FFT
An Efficient 20-Band Digital Audio Equalizer
Digital Tone Control
Interpolation Between Minimum-Phase and Linear-Phase Frequency Responses
A Microphone Array for Multimedia Workstations
Modeling of Flux Modulation Distortion in Moving-Coil Loudspeakers by the Finite-Element Method
Computer Modeling and Design of Compression Drivers Based on a Centrally Supported Diaphragm
Analysis of Nonlinearities in Compression Drivers and Horns
The Nonlinear Behavior of Reflex Ports
Measurement of Mechanical Parameter Nonlinearities of Electrodynamic Loudspeakers
Measuring the Loudspeaker's Impedance During Operation for the Evaluation of the Voice Coil Temperature
An Elementary High-Resolution Microphone System for Localization of Sound Sources in Air
Evaluation of Digital Systems and Digital Recordings Using Real-Time Audio Data
Directional Properties of Sound Sources During Transients
Principles of Digital Sine Generators
Studio Design Considering Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Horizontal Plane Localization Ability and Response Time as a Function of Signal Bandwidth
Virtual Acoustic Displays for Teleconferencing: Intelligibility Advantage for "Telephone Grade" Audio
Effects of Headphone Placement on Headphone Equalization for Binaural Reproduction
New Measurements and Psychoacoustic Investigations on a Headphone for TAX/HDTV/Dolby-Surround Reproduction of Sound
Headphone System with Out-of-Head Localization Applying Dynamic HRTF (Head-Related Transfer Function)
ESbus Network Computer Management for Music-to-Picture Recording
Intelligent Audio-Fiber Transmission at the Centre for Arts and Media Technology in Karlsruhe
The FLORIES Language and the Teacher-Learner Protocol-Considerations for a Computer-Controlled Sound System Protocol
Controller Area Networks (CAN) as the Transport Mechanism for Audio, Video, and Lighting Control Systems
Audibility of Nonlinear Loudspeaker Distortions
Objective Scaling of Sound Quality for Normal-Hearing and Hearing-Impaired Listeners
Statistical versus Artificial Intelligence Based Processing of Subjective Test Results
A Suggested Auditory Information Environment to Ease the Detection and Minimization of Subjective Annoyance in Perceptive-Based Systems
The Influence of Spectrum on Peception of Different Pitch Sensitivity for Short Waves
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