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A Software-Oriented Digital Audio Transceiver Integrated Circuit
An AES/EBU Circuit Compendium or AES/EBU Circuits I Have Known (and Loved)
Time Distortions Within Digital Audio Equipment Due to Integrated Circuit Logic Induced Modulation Products
A 24-Bit VLSI Digital Signal Processor for Portable Audio Applications
170 MIPS Real-Time Adaptive Digital Filter Board
Floating-Point DSP Chip: The Panacea of Our Time?
Room Acoustics for Teleconferencing: Predictions and Measurements
Recording Techniques and Perception of Environment
Computerized Analysis of Noise, Vibration, Acoustics, and Sound (CANVAS)
Computer-Aided Application of Acoustic Transfer Function Measurement in Automotive Audio System Design
18-Bit Stereo D/A Converter with Integrated Digital and Analog Filters
One-Bit Adaptive Sigma-Delta Modulator
Ultra-Low Distortion Digital Power Amplification
Visual Mixing and Stereo Panning Techniques
The Directional Scattering Coefficient: Experimental Determination
Performance Acoustics: The Importance of Diffusing Surfaces and the Variable Acoustics Modular Performance Shell-VAMPS-
Auralization-An Overview
Computer-Aided Tenth-Scale Modeling for Binaural Auralization in Room Acoustic Design
A Binaural Artificial Reverberation Process
Auralization of Impulse Responses Modeled on the Basis of Ray-Tracing Results
The Audibility of Changes in Geometric Shape, Source Directivity, and Absorptive Treatment: Experiments in Auralization
Application of Binaural Hearing in Scale Model Testing
A Sound-Field Simulation System for Room and Sound System Design
Judging the Speech Intelligibility of Large Rooms via Computerized Audible Simulations
Binaural Auralization from a Sound System Simulation Program
Sinewave Additive Synthesis Revisited
Additive Synthesis and Resynthesis: Facts and Realities
A Graphical Digital Audio Processing and Music Synthesis System
Advances in ADPCM Music Quality Evaluation
How Steady Is Your Click Track?
Low-Cost/High-Quality Digital Dynamic Range Processor
AES3-199X: The Revised Two-Channel Digital Audio Interface (DRAFT)
A System for Multiple Channel Mixing and Processing of Digital Audio
Architecture of a MADI Stream Editor
Towards a Definitive Analysis of Audio System Errors
Methods of Local Room Equalization and Their Effect Over the Listening Area
An Advanced Concept for Loudspeaker Array Design in Sound-Reinforcement Systems
Non-Uniform Sampling of Audio Signals
Quantization and Dither: A Theoretical Survey
Roundoff Error Analysis of Digital Filters
Residue Method for the Objective Detection of Digital Program Degradation
Using Cross-Domain Analysis in the Design and Test of Analog-Digital Systems
Mechanisms of Unmusicality in Compact-Disc Sound: Measurements, Observations, and Conjectures
Vintage Professional Loudspeakers: Their Care, Renovation, and Use
Audio Fact and Fantasy: Reckoning with the Results
A Digital Mixing System for Theaters
The Task of Automated Consoles in Live Applications and Consequent Improvements to Engineer Operating Methods
Wembley Stadium-A Large-Scale Sound Reinforcement System
Some New Acoustical Constructions in Studios for Recording and Postproduction
Microphones and Wind
Optical Microphony
Photoacoustic Cell Signal Processing
Early Reflections and Reverberant Field Distribution in Dual Microphone Stereophonic Sound Recording Systems
A Matrixed Pressure Triplet for Full Surround Stereophonic Sampling
Microphone Arrays for Natural Multiphony
Measuring of Sound Levels: A Tutorial
Hearing Loss from Noise and Music
Sound-Level Distribution of Rock Concert Sound Systems
A Reliable Method of Loudspeaker Rub and Buzz Testing Using Automated FFT Response and Distortion Techniques
Measurement of the Thiele-Small Parameters for a Given Loudspeaker, Without Using a Box
Measurements of Loudspeaker Parameters Using a Laser Velocity Transducer-An Improved Method
Efficient Loudspeaker Linear and Nonlinear Parameter Estimation
The Development and Use of a Signal Alignment Measurement Technique
Apparent Apex, Part III: The Three-Dimensional Case
Ten years of A/B/X Testing
Measurement of Polarity in Band-Limited Systems
Proofs of an Absolute Polarity
Observations on the Audibility of Acoustic Polarity
An Adaptive Scan Algorithm for Fast and Accurate Response Measurements
Another Look at the Importance of Transducer Polarity in the Recording Studio
Design of a Small Anechoic Chamber and Discussion of Methods for High-Accuracy Measurements
Super-Resolving Short-Term Spectral Analyzers
Design Considerations for Loudspeaker Preference Experiments
The Role of Critical Listening in Evaluating Audio Equipment Quality
Can You Trust Your Ears?
A User-Friendly Methodology for Subjective Listening Tests
Binaural Record/Reproduction Systems and Their Use in Psychoacoustic Investigations
Optimal Reproduction Matrices for Multispeaker Stereo
Technical Ground Systems Versus the Electrical Code
Production of Low-Bandwidth Audio for Multiple, Low-Cost, CD-ROM-based Consumer Multimedia Players
Industrial Wired Audio Communication
The Use of Ohm's Acoustical Law in the Design of Nonlinear Audio Signal Processors and Analyzers
Hydrophone Techniques for Underwater Sound Pickup
Real-Time CELP Speech Coding in a Voice Response Environment
An Engineering Study of the 4-Multiply Normalized Ladder Filter
Low-Order FIR Filters for Audio Equalization
An Introduction to Stream Computer Architecture
A Stereophonic Imaging System for Car Audio
Power Compression Elimination in Moving-Coil Loudspeakers by the Use of Fan-Actuated Forced-Air Cooling
Design Parameters and Trade-Offs in Large Diameter Transducers
Maximum Efficiency of Direct-Radiator Loudspeakers
Horn Modeling with Conical and Cylindrical Transmission Line Elements
Ferrofluid as an Acoustical Design Parameter
A Motion Transducer for Low-Frequency Loudspeakers
Fiber Optic Connector Considerations for Professional Audio
Experiences with Multichannel Sound for HDTV
Hierarchical Transmission System for Multispeaker Stereo
Cleaner Production: A Way to Improve Your Station's Air Sound
Paired Ellipsoidal Screen System for Teleconferencing
Design Considerations for Cinema Surround Loudspeakers
A Dual-Baffle Loudspeaker Enclosure for Balanced Reverberant Response
Digital Filter Application for an In-Phase and Linear-Phase Loudspeaker System: Realization of a Two-Way Loudspeaker System
Designing Symmetric Response Bandpass Loudspeakers
Down with Stands? Quantifying the Allison Effect
High-Frequency Sound Above the Audible Range Affects Brain Electric Activity and Sound Perception
Estimating the Significance of Errors in Audio Systems
Predicting the Audibility, Detectability, and Loudness of Errors in Audio Systems
Psychoacoustic Shaping of Car Indoor Noises
Speech Timing of Right-Hemisphere Layer 5 Pyramidal Neurons
Perceptual Effects of Synthetic Reverberation on 3-D Audio Systems
Zebra Crossing Signalization System for Visually Impaired People Based on the Space Localization Phenomena
A New Type Cassette Multichannel Digital Audio Tape Recorder
Digital Compact Cassette: Background and System Description
Digital Compact Cassette: Audio Coding Technique
Subcode Applications for the DCC System
Manufacturing Process for Prerecorded DCC
Audio Level Monitoring for Blind Sound Engineers/Recordists
Design Considerations for a Compact, Low Cost Correlation/Phase Indicator
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