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Fractal Interpolation Functions for Sound Synthesis
Parameters Estimation Through Continuous Wavelet Transform for Synthesis of Audio-Sounds
A Study of Strategies for the Perceptual Coding of Audio Signals
Aspec-Adaptive Spectral Entropy Coding of High Quality Music Signals
Burst Error Concealment for Digital Audio Tape and Broadcast Application
Problems of Error Masking in Audio Data Compression Systems
Improving Room Acoustics Through Time-Variant Synthetic Reverberation
Influence of Auditorium Reverberation on the Perceived Quality of Electroacoustic Reverberation Enhancement Systems-Experiments in Auralization
An Electro-Acoustical Concept for Symphonical Music Outdoors
Theory and Practical Implementation of a 5th-Order Sigma-Delta A/D Converter
Digital Sample Rate Converter with Interpolation in Continuous Time
Real-Time Digital Distortion Analyzer
Some New Test Signals for Digital Audio Systems
Noise Modulation in Digital Audio Devices
Evaluation of Two Interpolation Methods Applied to the Restoration of Old Recordings
Articulation Features in the Digitally Controlled Pipe Organ
Room Acoustics for Eurovision Song Contest 1990 in Zagreb
Correction of Focalization Phenomena of the Opéra Comique Coupola
Redesign of the Acoustics of the Aalborghallen in Denmark
Computer Simulation and Design of Control and Listening Rooms
Comparison Between Simulated and Measured Time Energy Curves
Design of a DSP-Based 27 Band Digital Equalizer
Digital Delay Networks for Designing Artificial Reverberators
Application of Non-Linear Dynamics to Digital Effects for Musical Instruments
Digi 4-An Economical Approach to 4 Channel Digital Recording
Delay in Broadcasting Operations
Developments in Realizing an All-Digital Power Amplifier
Three-Dimensional Displays of Spectra Representation for Duration-Modulated Pulses
Overheat Protection Circuits for Moving-Coil Loudspeakers
Electroacoustic Transducer Using Corona Effect
A New Technique for Fast Response Measurements Using Linear Swept Sine Excitation
Determination of the Quality Factors of Loudspeakers by a Statistical Method
Apparent Apex Revisited
Electro-Magnetic Compatibility-or How to Avoid Hum Pick Up from the Water Pipes in Your Studio Environment
Digital Mixing Console
A User Configurable Digital Audio Mixing Console for Broadcast Applications
A Practical Implementation of the EBU ESbus
Fast Response and Distortion Testing
Differences in the Perceived Quality of Loudspeaker Sound Reproduction Caused by Loudspeaker-Room-Listener Interactions
Design Criteria for Smooth Energy Response
A Real-World Implementation of Current Theory in Loudspeaker Subjective Evaluation
The Nonlinear Large-Signal Transfer Characteristics of Electrodynamical Loudspeakers at Low Frequencies
Adaptive Threshold Automatic Microphone Mixing System Becomes Public Domain
Behavior of Loudspeaker Sound in Autotunnels
Minimum Requirements for Audio Systems in Theatre Control Rooms-Some Experiences in Krefeld Theater, Germany
Acoustical Stage Support-Design and Application
Audio System of the National Theater Belgrade
The Application of Digital Signal Processing to Large Scale Simulation of Room Acoustics-Part I: Signal Processing Requirements in the Archimedes Project
The Application of Digital Signal Processing to Large Scale Simulation of Room Acoustics-Part II: Frequency Response Modelling and Optimization Software for a Multichannel DSP Engine
The Application of Digital Signal Processing to Large Scale Simulation of Room Acoustics-Part III: DSP Engine Hardware Topology and Control Software Strategy for Multichannel Simulation
A PC Controlled Signal Processing and Sound Distributing System
Headphone Pulse Measurements
Time-Frequency Distribution of Systems with Short Impulse Response
Headset with Active Noise Reduction System for Mobile Applications
Binaural Simulation of an -Ideal Control Room- for Headphones Reproduction
Headphone Signal Processing System for Out-of-the-Head Localization
Neural Network Mapping to Subjective Spectra of Music Sounds
Possible Mechanism for Explaining Monaural Phase Effects of Complex Tones
Measuring a Dummy Head in Search of Pinna Cues
Spectral Stereo Surround Sound Pan-Pot
Determining Noise Criteria for Recording Environments
Depth Perception-Finding a Design Goal for Sound Reproduction Systems
Measuring the Quality of Audio Devices
Assessment of Sound Quality in Auditoria
A Bit Stream D/A Converter with 18-Bit Resolution
Optimum Recording Current for Digital Audio Tape Recorders
An Investigation of Sound Radiation by Loudspeaker Cabinets
Task Scheduling Strategies for Digital Mixing Consoles
Subjective Evaluations of Preferred Loudspeaker Directivity
Optimization of the -Nearfield- Monitoring Environment
Nice Offshore-A Study in Discotheque Noise Control
The Coventry Reciprocating Room Alignment Delay-A Microphone and Loudspeaker Alignment Solution Arising from the Development of a New Speech Reinforcement System for the Cathedral Church of St. Michael, Coventry, UK
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