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Architectural Acoustics: The Forgotten Dimension
The QRD Diffractal: A New One- or Two-Dimensional Fractal Sound Diffusor
A Multichannel Reverberation and Sound Enhancement System for the Theatre
Toward a Better Concert Loudspeaker
An Evaluation of the Accuracy of MTF-STI Measurements by Comparison to Japanese Three-Syllable Listening Tests
Accurate Prediction of Speech Intelligibility Without the Use of In-Room Measurements
Technologies for Three Dimensional Sound Presentation and Issues in Subjective Evaluation of the Spatial Image
An Analog LSI Dolby Pro-Logic Decoder I.C.
New Factors in Sound for Cinema and Television
A New Method for Spatial Enhancement in Stereo and Surround Recording
Further Developments of Loudspeaker Stereophony
Challenges to the Successful Implementation of 3-D Sound
Digital Binaural/Stereo Conversion and Crosstalk Cancelling
Development and Use of Binaural Recording Technique
New Results in LPC Synthesis of Drums
Combinatorial Music Theory
Ensemble: An Extensible Real-Time Music Performance Environment
Time and Pitch Scaling of Audio Signals
A Computer Aided Environment for the Design of Digital Audio Products
An Investigation into How Amplifier Clipping is Said to Burn-Out Loudspeakers, and How Limiters Can Save Them
Using General-Purpose Workstations for Digital Signal Processing
A Class D Amplifier Using MOSFETs with Reduced Minority Carrier Lifetime
New Results in PWM for Digital Power Amplification
Realizing an All Digital Power Amplifier
Criteria for Synthesizing Narrowband Digital Dither at Nyquist
A Family of AES/EBU Interface Devices
20-Bit -Colinear- DAC, a Solution to Low Level Problems
Performance Limitations of Digital Filter Architectures
Psychoacoustically Optimal Noise Shaping
Low-Complexity Transform Coder for Satellite Link Applications
CD Mastering Using a Recordable -Red Book Standard- CD and Graphical PQ Subcode Editing
Multirate Digital Reverberation System
Applications of Group Delay Filters
Bitrate Reduction of High Quality Audio Signals by Modeling the Ears Masking Thresholds
A Linear-Phase Digital Equalizer with Cubic-Spline Frequency Response
Optimizing Massive Parallel Architectures for Real-Time Digital Audio
Overview of Oversampling A/D Conversion
Design of Single-bit Noise-Shaping Loops with High-Order Loop Filters
A Monolithic 100 kHz 16-Bit A/D D/A Converter Using Sigma-Delta Modulation
VLSI Implementation of a One-Stage 64:1 FIR Decimator
On the Acoustic Impedance of Strip Radiators
The Design of a High Efficiency Servomotor-Driven Subwoofer
Design and Optimization Considerations for Speaker Magnets
Super Compliance Update
Heat Dissipation and Power Compression in Loudspeakers
Normal Modes of Some Common Thin Metal Diaphragms
Nonlinearities in Condenser Microphone Electronics; Design Considerations for New Solid-State Microphones
An Intuitive View of Coincident Stereo Microphones
Low-Frequency Acoustic Noise and Its Effect on Loudspeaker Measurements
Amplitude Modulation Method for Measuring Linear Excursion of Loudspeakers
Loudspeaker Directional Response Measurement
A Real-Time Digital Approach to Time Delay Spectrometry
Electroacoustic Simulation of Listening Room Acoustics: Psychoacoustic Design Criteria
Auralization: Experiments in Acoustical CAD
Application of Computer Simulation and Scale Model Testing to Room Acoustical Design
Computer Simulation for Acoustic Visualization
A Ray Tracing or Sound Imaging
Measurement of Panel Reflection Using Acoustical Scale Modeling Techniques
Experience with Models of Acoustical Spaces
Computer Simulation Algorithms for Prediction of MTF-STI and Accurate Calculation of Sound Pressure Level
Why a Digital Movieola Alone Will Not Cut It
Sound Fusion and the Acoustic Presence Effect
Toward a Truly Integrated Digital Audio Environment
Intellectual Property and the Emerging Technology: Who Wins, Who Loses?
Flying Faders: A Case Study in Product Development
New Frontiers in Digital Audio
A Professional DAT for Audio and Video Application
A New Analog Recording Process for Consumer Recording Formats
A Simplified High Frequency Audio Magnetic Tape Recording and Playback Loss Equation
Hard-Disk Recording and Editing of Digital Audio
Spaciousness Enhancement of Stereo Reproduction Using Spectral Stereo Techniques
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