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Numerical Optimization of the Cross-Over Filter in a Multiway Loudspeaker System
A New Method of Designing Closed-Box Loudspeaker Systems Under the Influence of Enclosure Filling Materials
CAD of a Bass Reflex Radiator
On the Response of a Vented Box Loudspeaker System at Very Low Frequencies
New Loudspeaker Diaphragms Using Fiber Reinforced Plastics
The Use of Non-Ideal Microphones in Directional Arrays
Loudspeaker-Microphone System Modeling
New Developments and Improvements in Soundfield Microphone Technology
Boundary-Layer Microphones with Directional Characteristics
Optimum Conditions of the Quantising Number of Bits and the Sampling Frequency for a Digital Transmission System with a Constant Bit Rate
Efficient Least-Mean-Squares Algorithm Performs Audio Distortion Analysis on Sampled Waveforms
Synthesis and Simulation of Anti-Aliasing and Smoothing Filters: Two Programs for Micro-Computers
Near-Instantaneous Companding with Adaptive Quantization
Input/Output and Processing of Acoustic Signals with a Mini-Computer System
A Digital Audio System for Broadcast and Prerecorded Media
The Stereophonic Zoom: A Practical Approach to Determining the Characteristics of a Spaced Pair of Directional Microphones
The Latest State of the Art of the Wireless Microphone Technique
The Design of a Digitally Controlled Assignable Sound Mixing System for Broadcast and Recording Studios
A Studio with Variable Acoustics for Multitrack Recordings
Measurement of Reverberation Time Using a Microprocessor Audio Analyzer
A Combined Measurement Method for Both D.I.M. and Static Nonlinear Distortions
Total Difference Frequency Distortion: Practical Measurements
The Sound Power of Different Acoustic Sources and Their Influence in Sound Engineering
Monitoring Speakers for Control Rooms
Proposals for a Standard Control Room
Procedes de Simulation d'une Salle
Etude Experimentale de la Transmission d'un Milieu Absorbant
Updating the Electro-Acoustic System of the "Burgtheater"
CAD of Dedicated High Power Modular Loudspeaker Cabinets for Concert Sound Reinforcement
Gesture, Instrument and Musical Creation: The System Anima/Cordis
Infinite Sustain Through Controlled Feedback in Amplified Guitars
The Accurate Prediction of the Speech Transmission Index (STI) of a Sound Reinforcement System by Means of a Computer Model Using the Ray-Tracing Techniques
Speech Intelligibility
How Do You Modulate a Digital Recording?
The Restoration of Historical Recordings by Means of Digital Signal Processing
Consumer Use Compact Cassette Digital Audio Recorder
Overview of the RSC Tape Format for Stationary Head Type Digital Audio Recorder and Its Performance
Linear Distortion of Non-Coincident Drivers
Design of a Professional 2-Channel Stationary-Head Digital Audio Recorder
New Concepts in Digital Audio Editing
Dispersive Models for A-to-D and D-to-A Conversion Systems
The Development of a Berryllium Ribbon Tweeter Having Wide Frequency Range, High Efficiency and High Power Handling Capacity
Near Field Problems of Measurements Using Toneburst Techniques
Proposed Criteria for the Balance Between Direct Speech Communication and Ambient Noise in Restaurants and Cafeterias
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