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A New Type of Listening Room and its Characteristics: A Proposal for a Standard Listening Room
The Modified Hopkins-Stryker Equation
Optimizing the Distortion Performance of Audio Systems by Matching Two Tone Distortion Characteristics to Amplifier Power
Instruction in Critical Listening
Acoustic Field Analysis of a Loudspeaker Enclosure Using the Finite Element Method
Distributed Sound Systems for Sloped Floors and Ceilings
The Effects of Manufacturing Tolerances and Driver to Horn Mismatch on Exponential Horn Performance
Switching Power Supply Circuits for Audio Amplifiers
Computer Based Signal Processing for Audio Electronic Performance Measurements
Amplifier Transient Crossover Distortion Resulting from Temperature Change of Output Power Transistors
Custom LSIs, ICs and DAC for Compact Disc Player
A Newly Developed Compact Disc Digital Audio Player
Portable Digital Audio Processor for Use with Home VCR
Subjective Measurements of Loudspeaker Sound Quality
Equalizing Tape Recorder Head Bumps
A Large Capacity, 24 Track, 2 Inch Continuous Loop Bin Reproducer
Controlled Imaging: A Format for Stereo Reproduction
Squealer-Killer with Real-Time Equalization
Distortion in Positive and Negative Feedback Filters
Choosing Monitor Loudspeakers for a National Broadcasting Network
Space Shuttle Paging and Area Warning Systems at the Kennedy Space Center
A New Radio Broadcast Cartridge Capable of Professional Reel-to-Reel Performance
On the Quality of Some Digital Audio Equipment Measured by the High Accuracy Dynamic Distortion Measuring System
Signal Processing Aspects of Godot: A System for Computer-Aided Room Acoustics Modeling and Simulation
Time Correction of Anti-Aliasing Filters Used in Digital Audio Systems
Development of a Model for Loudspeaker Dispersion Simulation
A Study of High-Efficiency Audio Power Amplifiers Using a Voltage Switching Method
The Development of a Pickup Cartridge: A Report
Acoustic Impulse Response Measurement: A New Technique
Rethinking Frequency Response
On Compact Disc Tape Masters
Fully Balanced Bridge Amplifier
Comparison of Real Time Analysis and Time Delay Spectrometry at Two Sound Reinforcement Projects
A Neoteric Design for Industrial Training Centers
A New Approach to Audio Design with Emphasis on the Recording Console
The Use of 8 Bit Companding Digital to Analog Converters in Electronic Music
Performance Requirements of Classroom Systems
Audio Induction Loop Systems for the Hearing Impaired
Random Access Editing of Digital Audio
Infrared Listening Systems in the Theatre
Intelligibility Mapping Through Array Perspective Analysis
The Birth of Tape Recording in the U.S.
Use of Frequency Overlap and Equalization to Produce High-Slope Linear-Phase Loudspeaker Crossover Networks
Resolution Below the Least Significant Bit in Digital Systems with Dither
A MOSFET Power Amplifier with Error Correction
Engineering Justifications for Selected Portions of the AES Recommended Practice on Specification of Loudspeaker Components
FM Direct Stereo Decoder
The Development and Design of a Flat Diaphragm, Printed Ribbon Microphone Capsule
The Audio Side of the Laser Videodisc
Digital Audio for Radio Network Satellite Distribution Systems
Low Frequency Sound Reproduction
Hearing Loss and Amplification: Meeting the Needs of Children and Adults
Radio Frequency Broadcasting Systems for Hearing Impaired
Vertical Modulation Angles of Commercial Stereo Phonograph Records
An Accurate and Easily Implemented Method of Modelling Loudspeaker Array Coverage
A Topology to Linearize Miller-Effect Compensated Amplifiers
A Manufacturer's Field Support Via The Programmable Scientific Calculator
CAD (Calculator Assisted Design) of Sound Systems, Recording Studios and Architectural Acoustics Using the Programmable Scientific Calculator
Applications Software for the Sound System Designer and an Audio Application of the HP-IL Loop
A Microprocessor Based TEF Analyzer
Circuit Analysis/Optimization Program Speeds Synthesis of Active Filters
A Combinative Microphone Technique Using Contact and Air Transducers
Bessel Filters as Loudspeaker Crossovers
Design of Optimized Loudspeaker Crossover Networks Using a Personal Computer
A Computer Model of Binaural Localization
The Church that Rocks and Rolls
Determination of Thiele-Small Parameters of a Loudspeaker Using Nonlinear Goal Programming
History and Development of the Lede Control Room Concept
Assessing System Performance
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