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Suppression of Slew Rate and Transient IM Distortions in Audio Power Amplifiers
The Dynamic Vibration Absorber Principle Applied to a High Quality Phonograph Pickup
Three-Dimensional Displays for Demonstrating Transient Characteristics of Loudspeakers
Phase Plug Modelling and Analysis: Circumferential Versus Radial Types
An Economical Digitally Controlled Audio Level Indicator
An Audio Analog-Digital-Analog Conversion System
Comparative Measurements of Professional Loudspeaker Components
A New Set of Vented Loudspeaker Alignments
A New High Quality Electret Phonograph Pickup
The Use of the Phase Vocoder in Computer Music Applications
Stereo Sound in Vehicles
The Master Audio Meter: A Digital Scanning RMS/Peak VU Meter
Radiation from a Dome
A History of High Quality Studio Microphones
A New Horn Loudspeaker Design Yields Low Distortion and Wide Dispersion
The Boron Dome Diaphragm for Loudspeakers
Measurement of Cutter Heads by Pulse-Train Methods
Analysis of Prosthetic Cardiac Valve Performance by use of Combined Audio and Ultrasonic Techniques
The Design of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Acoustics Research Laboratory
Carrier Crosstalk Considerations in the CD-4 System
Back Electret, a Method to Improve Performance of Condenser Microphone of Electret Design
Application of Vertical FET for Pulse Width Modulation Audio Power Amplifier
Elcaset, New Tape Cartridge Format for Higher Quality Audio
On the Calibration of the Magnetic Recording
A Digital Rhythm and Timing Generator for Electronic Music Applications
A Feedforward Controlled Delay-Line Limiter
Optical Measurement of Loudspeaker Driver Large Signal Displacement Parameters
Computer Aided Computation of Room Resonances
Application Considerations for IC Data Converters Userul in Audio Signal Processing
Making Music with Charge-Transfer Devices
Signal Processing with Charge Transfer Devices
Comparative Rating of Loudspeaker Systems by Large Jury Testing
Longitudinal Digital Recording of Audio
Modular Parametric Equalizer-Filter; A New Way to Synthesize the Frequency Response
Communications System for a Performing Arts Center
A Programmer for Voltage Controlled Synthesizers
A Time-Code Editing/Synchronizing System for Audio Tape Machines Using Microprocessor Technology
A Closed-Loop Tape Transport Servo System for Pressure Roller-Less Drive
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Speed (But Were Afraid to Ask)
How to Fool the Ear and Make Bad Recordings: The Influence of the Listening Response in Sound Control Rooms on the Mixdown of a Multitrack Master Recording
Filters for Equalization: Active or Passive?
Phase Distortion in Audio Magnetic Recording
An FM Tape Recorder of High Audio Quality
Design Problems of High Level Cone Loudspeakers
Am I Too Loud? A Symposium on Rock Music and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Computerized Electrocardiography
Ergonomic Aspects of Assisted Mixdown Systems
An Inexpensive Method for TV/FM Simulcasting
Method for Measuring Transient Intermodulation Distortion (TIM)
Interpreting Spectrum Analyzer displays for Audio Measurements
The New Music and Media Facilities of the University of Colorado at Denver
Design of a Low Cost LED Program Indicator
Surface Lubrication of Magnetic Tape
Floating Point Encoding for Transcription of High Fidelity Audio Signals
A New Digital Time-Delay and Reverberation System, Part II: Psychoacoustics vs. Practical Electronics
Application of a Multitasking Computer System for Monitoring Patients in the Intensive Care Unit
Real-World Audio Wave Form Asymmetries and the Effect on the Audio Chain
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