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Which Loudspeaker Parameters are Important to Create the Illusion of a Live Performance in the Living Room?
Characterizing the Amplitude Response of Loudspeaker Systems
Graphing, Interpretation, and Comparison of the Results of Loudspeaker Nonlinearity Measurement
The Effects of Voice-Coil Axial Rest Position on Amplitude Modulation Distortion in Loudspeakers
Nonlinearity in Horn Drivers - Where the Distortion Comes From?
A Talker-Tracking Microphone Array for Teleconferencing Systems
An Alternative Model for Sound Signals Encountered in Reverberant Environments; Robust Maximum Likelihood Localization and Parameter Estimation Based on a Sub-Gaussian Model
Imperceptible Echo for Robust Audio Watermarking
New High Data Rate Audio Watermarking Based on SCS (Scalar Costa Scheme)
The Bidirectional Microphone: A Forgotten Patriarch
Gaussian Mixture Model Based Methods for Virtual Microphone Signal Synthesis
Driver Directivity Control by Sound Redistribution
Pressure Response of Line Sources
High-Efficiency Direct-Radiator Loudspeaker Systems
Audio Application of the Parametric Array - Demonstration through a Numerical Model
Implementation of Straight-Line and Flat-Panel Constant Beamwidth Transducer (CBT) Loudspeaker Arrays using Signal Delays
Automatic Design of Sound Synthesis Techniques by means of Genetic Programming
A Consumer Adjustable Dynamic Range Control System
A Simple, Efficient Algorithm for Reduction of Hiss Amplification Under High Dynamics Compression
Adaptive Predistortion Filter for Linearization of Digital PWM Power Amplifier using Neural Networks
Objective Measures of the Quality of Speech Transmission in a Real Mobile Network - Measuring, Estimate, and Prediction Method
Computationally Efficient Inversion of Mixed Phase Plants with IIR Filters.
Optimal Filter Partition for Efficient Convolution with Short Input/Output Delay
Filter Morphing - Topologies, Signals and Sampling Rates
Evaluation of Inverse Filtering Techniques for Room/Speaker Equalization
Using Subband Filters to Reduce the Complexity of Real-time Signal Processing
Noise Shaping in Digital Test-Signal Generation
Factors Affecting Accuracy of Loudspeaker Measurements for Computational Predictions
Systems for Stereo Sound Reinforcement - Performance Criteria, Design Techniques, and Practical Examples
Cable Impedance and Digital Audio
Limitations of Current Sound System Intelligibility Verification Techniques
Robustness of Multiple Listener Equalization with Magnitude Response Averaging
Coax and Digital Audio
The Significance of Interchannel Correlation, Phase and Amplitude Differences on Multichannel Microphone Techniques
Breaking and Making the Rules: Sound Design in 6.1
Localization of Lateral Phantom Images in a 5-channel System with and without Simulated Early Reflections
A Fuzzy Cerebellar Model Approach for Synthesizing Multichannel Recordings
Investigation of Listener Envelopment in Multichannel Surround Systems
Interchannel Interference at the Listening Position in a Five-channel Loudspeaker Configuration
A Multichannel Surround Audio Format Applying 3D Sound Technology
Scalable Lossless Audio Coding Based on MPEG-4 BSAC
Lossless Audio Coding Using Adaptive Multichannel Prediction
Design of Error-Resilient Layered Audio Codec
Application of a Concatenated Coding System with Convolutional Codes and Reed-Solomon Codes for MPEG Advanced Audio Coding
A Simple Method for Reproducing High Frequency Components at Low-Bit Rate Audio Coding
High Frequency Components for High Output Articulated Line Arrays
Perceptually-Based Joint-Program Audio Coding
Incorporation of Inharmonicity Effects into Auditory Masking Models
Binaural Cue Coding Applied to Audio Compression with Flexible Rendering
Two-Pass Encoding Of Audio Material Using MP3 Compression
Technical Aspects of Digital Rights Management Systems
Configurable Microprocessor Implementation of Low Bit Rate Audio Decoding
DSD Processing Modules - Architecture and Application.
Multi-Channel Audio Connection for Direct Stream Digital
The Effect of Idle Tone Structure on Effective Dither in Delta-Sigma Modulation Systems: Part 2
DC Analysis of High Order Sigma Delta Modulators
Power Supply Regulation in Audio Power Amplifiers
Audio Power Amplifier Output Stage Protection
The Minimum Number of Loudspeakers and its Arrangement for Reproducing the Spatial Impression of Diffuse Sound Field
Finding A Recording Audio Education Program that Suits Your Career Choice
Studio Exploring Using Universal Plug and Play
mLAN - The Current Status and Future Directions
Mutually-Immersive Audio Telepresence
Assessment of Sound Field in a Car
Measurement of the Speech Intelligibility Inside Cars
Comparison of Objective Measures of Loudness using Audio Program Material
Descriptive Analysis and Ideal Point Modelling of Speech Quality in Mobile Communication
Relating Multilingual Semantic Scales to a Common Timbre Space
Design and Evaluation of Binaural Cue Coding Schemes
Evaluating Influences of a Central Automotive Loudspeaker on Perceived Spatial Attributes using a Graphical Assessment Language
Multidimensional Perceptual Calibration for Distortion Effects Processing Software
Industry Evaluation of In-Band On-Channel Digital Audio Broadcast Systems
Comparisons of De-Facto and MPEG Standard Audio Codecs in Sound Quality
Archiving Audio
Evaluating Digital Audio Artifacts with PEAQ
The Use of Head-and-Torso Models for Improved Spatial Sound Synthesis
Three-dimensional Headphone Sound Reproduction Based on Active Noise Cancellation
On the Design of Canonical Sound Localization Environments
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