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Vibration Resonances of a Titanium Loudspeaker Diaphragm
Modeling Power Tubes and Their Interaction with Output Transformers
Time-Scale Modification Algorithm for Audio and Speech Signal Applications
A Controlled-Reflection Listening Room for Multi-Channel Sound
Adaptive Adjustment of Nonlinear Filters Used for Loudspeaker Linearization
The Audio Reinforcement System for the New Theater of Udine, Italy
Test Signals for Measuring the Efficiency of Audio Amplifiers
A New Type of FIR Filters with High Resolution at Low Frequencies
Efficient Block Frequency Domain Filtered-x Applied to Phantom Sound Source Generation
A New Sound Intensity Probe: Comparison to the Brüel & Kjaer P-P Probe
Selective Transformations of Sounds Using Time-Frequency Representations: An Application to the Vibrato Modification
Synthesized Multichannel Signal Levels Versus the M-S Ratios of Two-Channel Program Items
Controlled Subjective Assessments of 2-to-5-Channel Surround Sound Processing Algorithms
Fractal Coding of Audio Signals
Numerical Processing of Calculated Echograms to Derive Stable Room Acoustics Parameters
A New Method for the Evaluation of Audio Amplifier Nonlinearities
A Study on the Transfer Functions of Sound Localization Using Binaural Earphones
The Use of Audio PCs and the Broadcast Wave Format in Sweden
Listener Training and Repeatability for Automobiles
Reduction of Bass-Reflex Port Nonlinearities by Optimizing the Port Geometry
Octave-Band Thresholds for Modeled Reverberant Fields
Linearization of a Subsonic Electropneumatic Acoustic Generator
Method for Multiple Wavetable Synthesis of Musical Tones Based on Complex Valued Principal Component Analysis
The Sound Reinforcement System of Large Halls
Digital and Analog Audio Transmission for a Studio and Theater Complex-Planning, Installation and Measurements
Thermal Simulation of Loudspeakers
Relative Spatialization of Ambisonic and Transaural Speech
A Study of the Distortions and Audibility of PCM to PWM Mapping
Pitch Perception of Frequency-Modulated Tones
Perceptual Audio Coding and the Choice of an Analysis/Synthesis Filter Bank and Psychoacoustic Model
Microphone with an Extended Frequency Response
Comparing Nonlinear with Linear Control Methods for Error Correction in Switching Audio Amplifier Output Stages
An Adaptive Method for Waveform Time Code Modulation
Pop Measurement, Low-Frequency Response and Microphone Construction
Testing a Flexible Time-Frequency Mapping for High Frequencies in TARCO (Tonal Adaptive Resolution COdec)
Adaptive Algorithm for Detecting and Reducing Sibilants in Recorded Speech
Higher Order Statistics Based Inverse Filtering for Analysis of Esophageal Voice Production
Restoration of Nonlinearly Distorted Audio Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods
Towards a Rational Basis for Multichannel Music Recording
Development of a Wide-Frequency Range and Low-Noise Microphone System
Wigner Distribution Representation and Analysis of Audio Signals: An Illustrated Tutorial Review
Near-Field Acoustic Measurements at High Amplitudes
Stereophonic Localization in the Presence of Boundary Reflections, Comparing Specular and Diffuse Acoustic Radiators
The Measurement of Personal Preferences by Repertory Grid Technique
Dynamically Scalable Internet Audio Transmission
Implementing Doppler Shifts for Virtual Auditory Environments
Digital Filter Design for Virtual Source Imaging Systems
Sound Reproduction Applications with Wave-Field Synthesis
Sound Recording Techniques for Wave Field Synthesis and Other Multichannel Sound Systems
Software Implementation of B-Format Encoding and Decoding
Automatic Measurement System for Car Audio Applications
Optimization of Microphone Arrays
ATLANTIC Audio: Preserving Technical Quality During Low Bit-Rate Coding and Decoding
Performance of an All-Digital Power Amplification System
Dialogue Enhancement for Television Sound
Analyzing Virtual Sound Source Attributes Using a Binaural Auditory Model
Correction of Nonlinearity Errors Contained in Digital Audio Signals
Fast Rendering of Sound Occlusion and Diffraction Effects for Virtual Acoustic Environments
Influence of Individual Head-Related Transfer Function on the Performance of Virtual Acoustic Imaging Systems
The Deterioration of Magnetic Tapes and Its Assessment by Physical and Chemical Testing
Up-To-Date Replay Facilities for Obsolete Mechanical Sound Recording Formats
Attack and Release Time Constants in RMS-Based Feedback Compressors
From Sequencer to IP Packets-Routing MIDI Messages Over Longer Distances
Super Audio CD Format
ISO/MPEG Layer 2: Optimum Re-Encoding of Decoded Audio Using a MOLE Signal
Measurements of Logatom Intelligibility in the Digital Chains with Delta Modulation Coding
The 25 Essential Steps in the Development of Analogue Magnetic Sound Technology
Measurement of Small Impairments of Perceptual Audio Coders Using a 3-Facet Rasch Model
Multi-Functional Transducer
Sound Diffusers Based on Number Theory with Random Variations of Surface Acoustic Impedance
Variable Acoustics by Wavefield Synthesis: A Closer Look at Amplitude Effects
Array Technology for Discrimination Between Specular and Non-Specular Reflections in Enclosed Spaces
Simulation of Impulse Responses in Enclosed Spaces
A Novel High-Efficiency and Wide-Bandwidth Power Amplifier by Analog Power Amplifier and High-Dynamic Switching Power Supplies
A New Method for Analyzing the Effects of End-to-End Jitter in Digital Audio Systems
Polar Pattern Measurement and Representation with Surface Spherical Harmonics
Audibility of Nonlinear Distortion in Loudspeakers
A Native Stereo Editing System for Direct-Stream Digital
Extending the MPEG-4 AAC Codec by Perceptual Noise Substitution
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Nonlinear Parametric Vibrations of an Electrodynamical Loudspeaker Diaphragm
Comparison of Numerical Simulation Models and Measured Low-Frequency Behavior of a Loudspeaker
A Binaural Simulation Which Renders Out-of-Head Localization with Low-Cost Digital Signal Processing of Head-Related-Transfer Functions and Pseudo Reverberation
Recording Mechanical Instruments-Barrel Organ
Artificial Reverberation Based on a Pseudo-Random Impulse Response
Tandem Coding with Wavelets
The Quality of Speech Transmission in a Background of Music and Effects in Audio-Visual Programs
Near-Field Registration of the Human Voice: Spectral Changes Due to Positions
A Unified Fast Algorithm for Cosine Modulated Filter Banks in Current Audio Coding Standards
Obtaining Accurate Responses in Directional Listening Tests
Relevance of Measurements on Audio Codecs
New Reference Listening Room for Two-Channel and Multichannel Stereophonic
Obtaining Acoustical Comfort in a Room by Means of Acoustical Barriers Installation
Anti-Alias and Anti-Image Filtering: The Benefits of 96-kHz Sampling Rate Formats for Those Who Cannot Hear Above 20 kHz
A New Way of Acoustic Feedback Suppression
Assessment of 4-2-4 and 5-2-5 Surround Sound Matrix Systems
An Improved Method for Directly Filtering Sigma-Delta Audio Signals
ATLANTIC Audio: Switching Layer 3 Signals
Distributed-Mode Loudspeaker Simulation Model
Subjective Evaluation of State-of-the-Art 2-Channel Audio Codecs
Dynamic Range Enhancement of Digital Audio Filters Using Linear Predictive Source Coding
The Intrinsic Scalability of the Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML)
Exciter Design for Distributed-Mode Loudspeakers
Measuring Method to Derive the Lumped Elements of the Loudspeaker Thermal Equivalent Circuit
Three-Dimensional Sound Localization with Multiple Loudspeakers Using a Pair-Wise Association Paradigm and Embedded HRTFs
FM Analysis/Synthesis-Based Audio Coding
Object-Based Analysis/Synthesis Audio Coder for Very Low Bit Rates
Nonlinearities in Loudspeaker Ports
A Wavefield Approach to Multichannel Sound
Improved AAC Performance @ < 64 kb/s Using VQ
New Advances in Audio Transmission over 1-B ISDN Lines
Electromagnetic Compatibility-Design and Measurements for a Large Studio Complex in Karlsruhe
Quality-Assurance Tests of MPEG Encoders for a Digital Broadcasting System (Part II)-Minimizing Subjective Test Efforts by Perceptual Measurements
Unequal Error Protection (UEP) for Perceptual Audio Coders
Experimental Low-Frequency Sound Equalization in an Extended Region of an Enclosure Using Adaptive Filters
The Effects of Horn Acoustic Center on Array Directivity
Distortion Mechanisms of Distributed-Mode Loudspeakers (Compared with Direct Pistonic Radiators; Modeling, Analysis, and Measurement)
Evaluation of Distributed-Mode Loudspeakers in Sound Reinforcement and PA Systems
Diffuse-Field Distributed-Mode Radiators and Their Associated Early Reflections
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