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Past Winners of AES Student Recording Competition at 130th AES Convention

130th AES Convention London 2011

The Student Recording Competitions attracted 55 student submissions from all over the world, competing in four categories: Traditional Acoustic Recordings, Traditional Studio Recordings, Modern Studio Recordings and Sound for Visual Media.

Jim Anderson (left), Bill Crabtree (right)

Jim Anderson (left), Bill Crabtree (right)

Diana Gorovaya (left), John Krivit (right)

Diana Gorovaya (left), John Krivit (right)

Traditional Acoustic Recordings

Bronze: Vilius Keras - Hochschule Darmstadt (stereo)

Bronze: Damien Giromella - London College of Music (stereo)

Bronze: Nadezda Nikolaeva - Russian Academy of Music Moscow (surround)

Traditional Studio Recordings

Silver: Kevin Harper - Ithaca College (stereo)

Bronze: Julien Carton - Conservatoire de Paris (surround)

Bronze: Diana Gorovaya - Russian Academy of Music Moscow (stereo)

Modern Studio Recordings

Silver: Krzysztof Salawa - Frederic Chopin Academy of Music (stereo)

Silver: Kevin Harper - Ithaca College (stereo)

Bronze: Michal Korzeniowski - AGH Krakow (stereo) Bronze: Tim Tautorat - HfM Detmold (stereo)  

Sound for Visual Media

Gold: Aleksandra Cieploch - Frederic Chopin University of Music Warsaw (surround)

Silver: Michael Zoellner - University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf (surround)

Bronze: Clement Cornau - Conservatoire de Paris (surround) 

Judges offered their time and expertise tirelessly: Jim Anderson, Alex Case, Bill Crabtree, John Dunkerley, Michael Fleming, Ray Gillon, Dave McLaughlin, Ronald Prent, Darcy Proper, Ulrike Schwarz.

Prizes were made possible through the generosity and commitment to education shared by our sponsors: Cockos, Focal Press, Melodyne, Merging Technologies Pyramix, PMC Loudspeakers, Schoeps Mikrofone and Sonivox.

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