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Past Winners of AES Student Recording Competition at 128th AES Convention

 128th AES Convention London 2010

Recording Competitions attracted more than 130 student submissions from 27 student sections across 20 countries, competing in six categories, and we are pleased to announce the winners:

 Darcy Proper (left), Mark Drews (right)

Darcy Proper (left), Mark Drews (right)

Garry Gottlieb (left), Luis Herranz (middle), John Krivit (right)

Garry Gottlieb (left), Luis Herranz (middle), John Krivit (right)

Stereo - Jazz/Blues

  1. Teresa Kunz - Berlin University of Art
  2. Krzysztof Salawa – Fryderyk Chopin Academy
  3. Adam Tiller – McGill University

Stereo - World/Folk

  1. Liu Da – Beijing Union University
  2. Daniel Deboy – Institute of Electronic Music Graz

Stereo - Pop/Rock

  1. Roland Rath – Technical University Graz
  2. Nathan Hilton – The Banff Centre
  3. Luis Herranz – Microfusa Barcelona

Stereo - Classical

  1. Emma Lain Fernandez – Detmold University
  2. Robert Migas – Fryderyk Chopin University
  3. Peter Venus – “ Prometheus! ” - Institute of Electronic Music Graz

Surround - Classical

  1. Clement Cornuau – Conservatoire de Paris
  2. Alexander Mikhlin – Russian Academy of Music
  3. Krzysztof Salawa – Fryderyk Chopin Academy

Surround - Classical

  1. Liu Da – Beijing Union University
  2. Luis Herranz – Microfusa Barcelona
  3. Christoph Frank – University of Music Graz


Judges offered their time and expertise tirelessly: Jim Anderson, Ken Blair, David Bowles, Bill Crabtree, Mark Drews, Gary Gottlieb, Tony Falkner, Philip Hobbs, Hugh Robjohns, Tin Jonker, Jim Kaiser, Bastian Kuijit, Thor Legvold, Barry Marshall, Andres Mayo, Dave McLaughlin, Ron Prent, Darcy Proper.


Awards were made possible through the generosity and commitment to education shared by our sponsors: Cengage Learning, Focal Press, Izotope, Melodyne, Merging Technologies Pyramix, MOTU, PMC Monitors, Schoeps Mikrofone GmbH, Sennheiser,Solid State Logic, and Sonivox.


The SDA continued to recognize the significant generosity of PMC through the Institutional Award. One school was chosen by lottery among all institutions that participated in the competition and were present at the SDA closing meeting. This year’s winning school was Berlin University of the Arts.

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