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What is Open Access?

Open Access


A growing number of countries require Open Access to the results of publicly-funded research. After surveying AES authors it was found that a majority were interested in having the option of publishing their work in Open Access (OA). Authors who choose this option will receive greater visibility and ease of access to their AES publications. The AES has therefore introduced an OA policy.

If an AES paper has been made OA it will have the OA logo next to it and will be freely downloadable from the AES E-Library by anyone, even if they are not an AES member or E-Library subscriber.

AES Open Access Publication Fees

(otherwise known as Author Processing Charges or APCs)

Journal paper (less than 3 years old) - $1200 (with a $150 member discount)

Journal paper (older than 3 years old) - $600 (with $150 member discount)

Peer-reviewed convention/conference paper - $300 (with $50 member discount)

Non-peer-reviewed convention/conference paper - $150 (with $50 member discount)

If a convention/conference paper is made OA, and later submitted to the Journal, the author has to pay the difference between the APC of a Journal paper and the APC of a convention/conference paper before it can be published in the Journal. If the author does not pay the difference, he/she can also agree to give back the copyright of the convention/conference paper to the AES (without refund of the original APC).

If you would like to pay the OA fee for a paper you authored please use our Fee Payment System.

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