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  • COLLECTED PAPERS ON DIGITAL AUDIO BIT-RATE REDUCTION edited by Neil Gilchrist and Christer Grewin. The emerging technology of reducing the bit rate of digital signals is amply covered in this significant publication. Pertinent topics and authors - all acknowledged experts in their fields - were thoughtfully selected by the editors. The 16 manuscripts, scrupulously reviewed and edited, are presented here for the first time. Gathered under chapter headings "Psychoacoustics," "Coding the Audio Signal," "Performance of Low-Bit-Rate Audio Systems," and "Applications for Low-Bit-Rate Audio Coding," these original papers provide an essential reference for understanding the current and future technology of audio codecs. 208 pages
    Book measures 8 1/2 inches (219 mm) by 11 inches (279.4 mm) and is softbound and shrinkwrapped.
    The seven pieces on this disc represent the great organ literature of the past 3 centuries performed on 6 of the world's church and cathedral pipe organs.
    AES Standards provides a rare opportunity to calibrate playback equipment for 78 rpm coarse-groove records. Recognising an international need for calibration tools, the AES Standards Working Group on Transfer Technologies (SC-03-02) initiated a project to calibration playback equipment for coarse-groove 78 rpm records. The result is now available as a boxed set of two identical 12-inch vinyl discs, catalogue number AES-S001-064. The two discs allow one to be used as a day-to-day working tool while the other may be stored as a master reference.

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