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AES Anthologies and Monographs


The AES's renowned series of collected papers of archival quality are reproduced exactly as they appeared in the Journal and other authoritative sources. These books measure 8 1/4 inches (209.6 mm) by 11 1/2 inches (285.8 mm), are bound in durable paper covers, and are shrinkwrapped for safe shipment.

Anthology Series

  • DISK RECORDING VOL.1: GROOVE GEOMETRY AND THE RECORDING PROCESS edited by Stephen F. Temmer. Seventy-three papers describing the major contributions to the art of disk recording in the areas of groove geometry, cutterheads and lathes, styli and lacquers, pressings, and high-density disk technology. 550 pages View Table of Contents
  • DISK RECORDING VOL.2: DISK PLAYBACK AND TESTING edited by Stephen F. Temmer. Eighty-nine papers by experts in the audio field on the subjects of disk playback, disk pickups, tone arms and turntables, and quality control. 550 pages View Table of Contents
  • LOUDSPEAKERS VOL.1 edited by Raymond E. Cooke. Sixty-one papers, covering the years 1953 to 1977, written by the world's greatest transducer experts and inventors on the design, construction, and operation of loudspeakers. 448 pages View Table of Contents
  • LOUDSPEAKERS VOL.2 edited by Raymond E. Cooke. Forty-nine papers from 1978 to 1983 by experts in loudspeaker technology, extending the work initiated in Vol. 1. 464 pages View Table of Contents
  • LOUDSPEAKERS VOL.3 - Systems and Crossover Networks edited by Mark R. Gander. Forty-two papers with comments and corrections published on this specific area of loudspeaker technology from 1984 through 1991. With a companion volume on transducers, measurement and evaluation, this publication extends the work of the first two volumes on the important topic of loudspeakers. An extensive list of related reading is included. 456 pages
  • LOUDSPEAKERS VOL.4 - Transducers, Measurement and Evaluation edited by Mark R. Gander. Thirty-eight papers with comments and corrections covering this specific subcategory from 1984 through 1991. A bibliography of related reading lists essential titles in this field. 496 pages
  • MICROPHONES edited by Louis A. Abbagnaro. Sixty-three papers covering calibration and testing, general purpose microphones, directional microphones, miniature types, and associated electronic circuits. 392 pages Only available as a downloadable PDF (46.5MB). View Table of Contents
  • SOUND REINFORCEMENT edited by David L. Klepper. Seventy-three papers dealing with the significant aspects of the development of sound-reinforcement technology and its practical application to sound system design and installation. 339 pages View Table of Contents
  • SOUND REINFORCEMENT VOL.2 edited by David L. Klepper. Forty-eight papers with associated comments and corrections originally published between 1967 and 1996. In addition to extending the work of the first anthology on this vital topic, Volume 2 adds earlier papers now considered seminal in the original development of the technology. 496 pages View Table of Contents
  • SPATIAL SOUND TECHNIQUES PART 1 - Virtual and Binaural Audio Technologies edited by Durand R. Begault. The twenty-eight papers in this volume serve both as basic references and as a story of the evolution of binaural sound research into present-day 3-D sound techniques. Part 2: Multichannel Surround Sound Techniques is planned for the future. View Advertisement 531 pages
  • SPATIAL SOUND TECHNIQUES PART 2 - Multichannel Audio Technologies edited by Francis Rumsey. This anthology--with papers divided into three broad sections: historical reviews, systems and technology, perceptual and quality evaluation--is Part 2 of an AES series on spatial sound techniques. Part 1, published in 2004, deals with binaural approaches. Part 2 concentrates on the fundamental principles of loudspeaker-based multichannel spatial audio systems, including approaches to the creation of a spatial soundflied, the generation of appropriate perceptual cues, reproduction, and quality evaluation. View Advertisement 510 pages
  • STEREOPHONIC TECHNIQUES edited by John M. Eargle. Sixty-seven articles and documents on the history, development, and applications of stereophonic techniques for studio technology, broadcasting, and consumer use. 390 pages
  • TIME DELAY SPECTROMETRY edited by John R. Prohs. Thirty-two articles of the works of Richard C. Heyser on measurement, analysis, and perception. Reprinted from the pages of the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society and other publications in the field, including Audio magazine and IREE Australia. The anthology serves as a memorial to the author's work and as fundamental material for future developments in audio. It will undoubtedly provide the stimulus for expanded discussion. 280 pages



  • WAVE FIELD SYNTHESIS by Diemer de Vries - In December 1988, Delft University professor Guus Berkhout published his article in the AES Journal in which he proposed the concept of Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) as a format for spatial sound reproduction without ‘sweet spot’ limitations. Now, more than twenty years later, Diemer de Vries who was involved in the development and application of the concept from the very beginning, presents a 93-page monograph on the theme.
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  • BINAURAL TECHNOLOGY by Rozenn Nicol - Rozenn Nicol has been investigating Spatial Audio technology at Orange Labs for more than ten years. With the publication of this monograph, she aims to promote a better understanding of how binaural technology really "works". Despite its straightforwardness the reproduction of binaural audio with headphones is always impressive - a really convincing 3D sound scene is achieved. This is possible because binaural technology merely mimics the spatial encoding that we use daily when we localize sounds in real life.
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