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Last Updated: Before 2011
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Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
United States
Tel: (319) 366-6722
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Type 1 Courses - Course not normally in an accredited qualification or certificate or resulting in an in-house certificate/diploma (e.g. privately-run, non-accredited training courses; product courses)

Fall Business Conference

Qualification Awarded on Completion: none
Facilities: Offered annually in various locations
Exact Duration: 2 days
Emphasis: Fall Business Conference - executive level training for commercial electronics contractors
Fee: $745 for members
Contact Person: Lauralie DeWulf


Qualification Awarded on Completion: none. Can earn NSCA Learning Units
Facilities: Annual conference in various locations throughout the U.S.
Exact Duration: 5 day conference, 3 day exhibits
Emphasis: Over 150 courses geared towards commercial electronics contractors
Fee: Cost varies by course
Contact Person: Chad Sowers

Project Management of Systems Projects

Qualification Awarded on Completion: NSCA Certificate of Completion
Facilities: Regionally throughout the U.S.
Exact Duration: 2 days
Emphasis: Project Management of Systems Projects
Fee: $650
Contact Person: Chad Sowers

Type 2 Courses - Course resulting in an accredited vocational qualification or certificate

Electronic Systems Technician (EST) Certification

Qualification Awarded on Completion: C-SI or C-EST certifications
Facilities: Regionally throughout the U.S.
Exact Duration: 4 and 8 week online reviews, 2-day on-site reviews, plus hands-on and written exams
Emphasis: C-SI certification and C-EST certification
Fee: varies due to exam taken and review courses chosen
Contact Person: Norah Hammond

EST Training Series

Qualification Awarded on Completion: Available as an Apprenticeship program
Facilities: At your own site
Exact Duration: 4 levels of training, each 1 year in length
Emphasis: EST Levels 1 through 4
Fee: Varies due to level taken
Internship/Work Placement: Assessment exams are give and learning recommendation provided
Contact Person: Norah Hammond

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