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University of Missouri & Kansas City, Dept. of Theatre

Last Updated: Before 2011
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4949 Cherry Street
Kansas City, MO 64110
United States
Tel: 816 235 2964
Fax: 816 235 5367

Type 5 Courses - Masters Degree course (taught) (e.g. MS, MSc, MA, MEng)

Professional Sound Design, A-D

Qualification Awarded on Completion: MFA (Terminal Degree)
Facilities: 24 track analog production studio, 32channel pro tools production studio, (2) digital audio workstations, (3) theatres, (2) concert halls, (2) concert recording studios, location recording system (2) MIDI suites.
Exact Duration: 3 Years
Emphasis: Develop sound designer's, skills from research and sound collection into interpretation, collaboration and idea development resulting in theater productions.
Fee: $4,320 per semester
Internship/Work Placement: 6 months-1 year
Validating Body: NASM, VRTA
Contact Person: Tom Mardikes

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