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Complete Journal: Volume 42 Issue 1/2
Measuring a Dummy Head in Search of Pinna Cues
Virtual Imaging Capabilities of Surround Sound Systems
Impedance Analysis of Subwoofer Systems
Identification of Loudspeaker Nonlinearities Using the NARMAX Modeling Technique
Complete Journal: Volume 42 Issue 3
More on -Dynamic Model-Based Linearization of Quantized Pulse-Width Modulation for Applications in Digital-to-Analog Conversion and Digital Power Amplifier Systems-
Corrections to -Distortion Immunity of MLS-Derived Impulse Response Measurements-
Correction to -An Introduction to Band-Pass Loudspeaker Systems-
A Perceptual Speech-Quality Measure Based on a Psychoacoustic Sound Representation
Noise: Methods for Estimating Detectability and Threshold
Excess Spacing Loss with Alfenol-Core and Ferrite-Core Magnetic Tape Reproducing Heads
On Loudspeaker Cabinet Diffraction
An Understanding and Implementation of the SCMS Serial Copy Management System for Digital Audio Transmission
Complete Journal: Volume 42 Issue 4
Corrections to -New Playback-Head Azimuth Test-
Aspects of MLS Measuring Systems
Roundoff Error Analysis of Digital Filters
Observations on the Audibility of Acoustic Polarity
Microalignment of Drivers via Digital Technology
Complete Journal: Volume 42 Issue 5
Derivation of the Quasi-Butterworth 5 Alignments
Fiber-Optic Transmission and Professional Audio
Noise Reduction by Noise-Adaptive Spectral Magnitude Expansion
A Method for Extrapolation of Missing Digital Audio Data
Complete Journal: Volume 42 Issue 6
Applications of Blumlein Shuffling to Stereo Microphone Techniques
Anechoic Chamber Walls: Should They Be Resistive or Reactive at Low Frequencies?
Simulated Free Field Measurements
High-Performance Total Difference-Frequency Distortion Meter
Comments on -Distortion Immunity of MLS-Derived Impulse Response Measurements,- Authors' Reply, Further Comments, and Authors' Reply
Comments on -Horn Modeling with Conical and Cylindrical Transmission-Line Elements- and Author's Reply
The Musical Restoration of the "Joueuse de Tympanon"
Complete Journal: Volume 42 Issue 7/8
Bit-Rate Saving in Multichannel Sound: Using a Band-Limited Channel to Transmit the Center Signal
Nontypical Effects in an Electrodynamic Loudspeaker with a Nonhomogeneous Magnetic Field in the Air Gap and Nonlinear Suspensions
A Clustering Method for Sound Localization Transfer Functions
Statistically Significant Poor Performance in Listening Tests
Traveling Microscope Measures Frequency Response of Loudspeakers
Complete Journal: Volume 42 Issue 9
The Effects of Loudspeaker Placement on Listener Preference Ratings
Audio Power Amplifiers for Loudspeaker Loads
Electroacoustic System Response in a Hall: A Convolution of Impulse Sequences
Microphone Array for Sound Pickup in Teleconference Systems
Complete Journal: Volume 42 Issue 10
Comments on -On Loudspeaker Cabinet Diffraction- and Author's Reply
ISO/MPEG-1 Audio: A Generic Standard for Coding of High-Quality Digital Audio
A Macroscopic View of Diffuse Reflection
Removing Noise from Music Using Local Trigonometric Bases and Wavelet Packets
Multichannel Spatial Auditory Display for Speech Communications
Complete Journal: Volume 42 Issue 11
Digital Equalization of Room Acoustics
Digital-to-Analog Converter with Low Intersample Transition Distortion and Low Sensitivity to Sample Jitter and Transresistance Amplifier Slew Rate
Real-Time Implementation of Double Frequency Modulation (DFM) Synthesis
Acoustical Properties of Air versus Temperature and Pressure
Computer-Controlled Sound Systems
Complete Journal: Volume 42 Issue 12
Advances in the Application of Acoustics
On the Directivity of Horn Loudspeakers
An Acoustically Transparent Screen
Practical Implementation of Low-Frequency Equalization Using Adaptive Digital Filters
Perception of Timbre of Reproduced Sound in Small Rooms: Influence of Room and Loudspeaker Position
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