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Measuring a Dummy Head in Search of Pinna Cues
Virtual Imaging Capabilities of Surround Sound Systems
Impedance Analysis of Subwoofer Systems
Identification of Loudspeaker Nonlinearities Using the NARMAX Modeling Technique
More on -Dynamic Model-Based Linearization of Quantized Pulse-Width Modulation for Applications in Digital-to-Analog Conversion and Digital Power Amplifier Systems-
Corrections to -Distortion Immunity of MLS-Derived Impulse Response Measurements-
Correction to -An Introduction to Band-Pass Loudspeaker Systems-
A Perceptual Speech-Quality Measure Based on a Psychoacoustic Sound Representation
Noise: Methods for Estimating Detectability and Threshold
Excess Spacing Loss with Alfenol-Core and Ferrite-Core Magnetic Tape Reproducing Heads
On Loudspeaker Cabinet Diffraction
An Understanding and Implementation of the SCMS Serial Copy Management System for Digital Audio Transmission
Corrections to -New Playback-Head Azimuth Test-
Aspects of MLS Measuring Systems
Roundoff Error Analysis of Digital Filters
Observations on the Audibility of Acoustic Polarity
Microalignment of Drivers via Digital Technology
Derivation of the Quasi-Butterworth 5 Alignments
Fiber-Optic Transmission and Professional Audio
Noise Reduction by Noise-Adaptive Spectral Magnitude Expansion
A Method for Extrapolation of Missing Digital Audio Data
Applications of Blumlein Shuffling to Stereo Microphone Techniques
Anechoic Chamber Walls: Should They Be Resistive or Reactive at Low Frequencies?
Simulated Free Field Measurements
High-Performance Total Difference-Frequency Distortion Meter
Comments on -Distortion Immunity of MLS-Derived Impulse Response Measurements,- Authors' Reply, Further Comments, and Authors' Reply
Comments on -Horn Modeling with Conical and Cylindrical Transmission-Line Elements- and Author's Reply
The Musical Restoration of the "Joueuse de Tympanon"
Bit-Rate Saving in Multichannel Sound: Using a Band-Limited Channel to Transmit the Center Signal
Nontypical Effects in an Electrodynamic Loudspeaker with a Nonhomogeneous Magnetic Field in the Air Gap and Nonlinear Suspensions
A Clustering Method for Sound Localization Transfer Functions
Statistically Significant Poor Performance in Listening Tests
Traveling Microscope Measures Frequency Response of Loudspeakers
The Effects of Loudspeaker Placement on Listener Preference Ratings
Audio Power Amplifiers for Loudspeaker Loads
Electroacoustic System Response in a Hall: A Convolution of Impulse Sequences
Microphone Array for Sound Pickup in Teleconference Systems
Comments on -On Loudspeaker Cabinet Diffraction- and Author's Reply
ISO/MPEG-1 Audio: A Generic Standard for Coding of High-Quality Digital Audio
A Macroscopic View of Diffuse Reflection
Removing Noise from Music Using Local Trigonometric Bases and Wavelet Packets
Multichannel Spatial Auditory Display for Speech Communications
Digital Equalization of Room Acoustics
Digital-to-Analog Converter with Low Intersample Transition Distortion and Low Sensitivity to Sample Jitter and Transresistance Amplifier Slew Rate
Real-Time Implementation of Double Frequency Modulation (DFM) Synthesis
Acoustical Properties of Air versus Temperature and Pressure
Computer-Controlled Sound Systems
Advances in the Application of Acoustics
On the Directivity of Horn Loudspeakers
An Acoustically Transparent Screen
Practical Implementation of Low-Frequency Equalization Using Adaptive Digital Filters
Perception of Timbre of Reproduced Sound in Small Rooms: Influence of Room and Loudspeaker Position
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