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Improved Speech Intelligibility by Use of Time Delays in Sound Systems
Active Loudspeaker System for Sound Reinforcement Applications
Predicting the Acoustical Performance of a Sound System by Computer
Comb-Filter Distortions and Their Perception in Sound Reinforcement Systems
A Different Approach to the Old Problem of Audio Level Monitoring
A Feedforward Side Chain Limiter/Compressor/De-Esser with Improved Flexibility
Switching Limits of High-Power-MOSFETS in Audio Output Stages
An Electronic Circuit for Removing Impulse Noise from Analog Program
Distortion Mechanisms in the Electrodynamic Motor System
Sound Radiation from Circular Stretched Membranes in Free Space
Computation of Diffraction for Loudspeaker Enclosures
General Equivalent Electrical Circuits for Acoustic Horns
New Magnetic System Designs for Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Applications
Constant Component of the Loudspeaker Diaphragm Displacement Caused by Non-Linearities
Compact Ribbon Midrange Tweeter Loudspeaker
Real-Time Implementation of Low Complexity Adaptive Transform Coding
High Quality Sound Coding at 2.5 Bit/Sample
Higher Order One Bit Coder for Audio Applications
Low Signal-Level Distortion in Sigma-Delta Modulators
Masking-Pattern Adapted Subband Coding: Use of the Dynamic Bit-Rate Margin
Are D/A Converters Getting Worse?
Reed-Solomon Coding and Decoding by Digital Signal Processors
Improvements in Oversampling Analogue to Digital Converters
Time Code in Sub Data Area of R-DAT
The Evolution of Digital Processing for CD Mastering
The Primary Calibration of Magnetic Tape Reproducers at Medium Wavelengths
A New Multi-Device Digital Audio Editing System
Audio Memory for Rehearsal: A New Tool for More Efficient CD Mastering
Digital Equalization Methods for Audio Systems
A Board for Real Time Adaptive Audio Signal Processing
Application of Digital Filters to Loudspeaker Crossover Networks
Application of Sub- and Supra-Real-Time Processing in Digital Audio Workstations
Object Definition and Processing Within Digital Signal Processing Environments
A Professional Digital Audio Limiter for CD Mastering Applications
The Piezoelectric PVDF-Film-Its Properties and Possibilities of Application in Electroacoustic Transducers
Basic Concepts and Problems of Synchronisation of Digital Audio Systems
Control and Supervision of Switching Centres and Broadcasting Networks
A High Speed Computer Interface for Professional Audio Equipment Control
Cancellation of Crosstalk in Artificial Head Recordings, Reproduced Through Loudspeakers
Universal Switchpoint Matrix and Automation Fader/Mixer System
Computer Simulation of Loudspeakers
Versatile Computerized Audiometry Station
Three-Tone Test for Digital Audio Systems
Straightforward Determination of Loudspeaker Parameters Using a Nyquist Interpolation Process
Influence of Phase-Shifted Vibration of Diaphragm Sections on the Response and Distortion of Dynamic Headphones
Measurement and Calculations of Non-Linearities of Headphone Transducers at Low Frequencies
A Model of Loudspeaker Driver Impedance Incorporating Eddy Currents in the Pole Structure
The E.B.U. Standard Peak-Programme Meter-A Cost Effective Digital Solution
Routes to Chaos in a Non-Linear Musical Instrument Model
Musical Sound Synthesis by Finite Differences Method: PC-Implementation and New Developments
Microcomputer Controlled Tape Recorders System
Sound Synthesis by Physical Models, Application to Strings
Cost Effective Microcontroller Based Sound Synthesis
Computer Simulation of Listening Rooms at Low Frequencies
Recording a Symphony Orchestra in a Rehearsal Room
Time Dependence of Loudspeaker Power Output in Small Rooms
TDS in Scale Models of New Concert Halls
Design of Small Control Rooms with Broadband Frequency Response
Minimum Requirements for Reference Listening Rooms
Computer-Aided Calculation of the Reverberation Time
Using Cavity Resonators as Low Frequency Absorbers and Transient Perception Improvers in Reverberating Spaces
A New Idea of Comprehensive Rating of Sound Quality in Auditoriums
Some Remarkable Firsts in Magnetic Recording Created and Used by the German System Until 1944
1888-1988: A Hundred Years of Magnetic Sound Recording
Comparative Performances of Two Subjective Methods for Improving the Fidelity of Speech Transmission Signals
A Tentative Study of the Fuzzy Feature of the Sound Quality Perception
Improved Tape-Cut Editing Scheme for the 2-Channel PD Digital Recorders
Another Approach to the Ideal Crossover: The Energy Filler
Subjective Methods for the Assessing Properties of Artificial Reverberation
A Desktop Optical Disk Digital Audio Recorder and Editor
A Loudspeaker-Electronics System
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