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Wigner Distribution Analysis of Filters with Perceptible Phase Distortion
A New Principle for an All Digital Preamplifier and Equalizer
A LSI for Reed-Solomon Encoder/Decoder
Description of an Audio Editing System Using Computer Magnetic Hard Disk
On the Development of a Car Use Rotary-Head Digital Audio Tape Recorder
New PCM Editing System and Configuration of Total Professional Digital Audio System in Near Future
Standardization in Professional Digital Audio Engineering at the AES
High Quality Digital Audio Encoding with 3.0 Bits/Sample Using Adaptive Transform Coding
A Professional Use 2-Channel Digital Audio Recorder Adopting an Improved Signal Format
Description of a New Format for Digital Audio-Tape Recording with Stationary Heads
Computerized Method of Measurements of Transient Effect in Concert Halls
Control Room Acoustic Design
Implementation of Reverberators on Digital Signal Microprocessors
The Digital Sound Mixing Desk: Architecture and Integration in the Future All-Digital Studio
A New Technical Center for Automatically Controlled International Broadcasting Programmes
Application of Local Network Concept to Audio Equipment
A Fibre Optic Multi-Channel Communication Link Developed for Remote Interconnection in a Digital Audio Console
Techniques for Improving the Quality of High Speed Tape Duplication
Acoustical Study of the Multi-Pattern Double Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
Evaluation of Audio-Compandors in the Time-Frequency Domain
Practical Extended Range DIM Measurements
A Listening Test System for Evaluation of Audio Equipment
Free-Field Pressure Stepfunction Tests Acoustic Transformation Chain
Peak Transient Current and Power into a Complex Impedance
Transient Analysis: A Design Tool in Loudspeaker Systems Engineering
Warp- and Rumble-Tolerant Phonograph Pickup Design
Sound Insulation in Radio and Television Studio Premises
Titanium and Hardened Carbon Film Composite Speaker Diaphragm
Do You Have a Sufficient Quantity of Acoustical Benzin?-Aspects Related to the Significance of Diaphragm Excursion
Heat Transfer Mechanisms in Loudspeakers; Analysis, Measurement and Design
Nonlinear Distortions of Woofers in Fundamental Resonance Region
Design and Applications of a Multi-Channel Power Amplifier
A New Principle for a High Efficiency Power Audio Amplifier for Use with a Digital Preamplifier
The Design of an Adaptive Audio Equalizer
Design Criteria for Paralleling Power MOS-Transistors
Digital Audio and Still Picture Disc System
Interfacing a Digital Audio Tape Recorder
Audio in the DVTR
Stereophonic Pickup System Using Baffled Pressure Microphones
Multi-Channel Digitally Delayed Sound System with Perfect Direction Impression
Room Modes and Deep Tone Reproduction in Control Rooms for Music Monitoring
The Modeling of the Nonlinear Response of an Electrodynamic Loudspeaker by a Volterra Series Expansion
Magnetic Film Transport Based on the SEPMAG Method: Basis and Developmental Program from the First Unit up to the Present Time
New CCITT "Three-Level Test Signal": The Latest Aspect in the Vu-PPM Debate
The Maximum Attainable Gain of a Sound System
Digital Audio in MAGNUM DVTR
Optimization Procedure for Computer Designing of Horn Loudspeaker
Progress Towards a Digital Power Amplifier
Training of Tonmeisters and Audio Engineers
AES - Audio Engineering Society