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Design and Implementation of an Audio 18-Bit A/D Converter Using Oversampling Techniques
A New Three-Way All-Pass Crossover Network Design
A Subtractive Implementation of Linkwitz: Riley Crossover Design
Review of Frequencies and Levels for Digital Audio Performance Measurements
Flavors Band: An Environment for Processing Musical Scores
Toward VLSI Implementation of Loudspeaker Array Directivity Control Signal Processing Electronics
Implementation of Digital Audio Systems for Television Multi-Channel Sound
Design of a PCM PWM Totally Digital Audio Power Amplifier
Editing Time-Varying Spectra
Orchestral Instruments: Analysis of Performed Transitions
Design of a Digital Biquadratic Peaking or Notch Filter for Digital Audio Equalization
Digital-to-Analog Conversion by Piezoelectric Headphone
Fast Edit Point Location and Cueing in Disc-Based Digital Audio System
Active Realization of a Multiway Loudspeaker System with an "In-Phase" and "Linear-Phase" Crossover Network
In Pursuit of Elusive Loudspeaker Parameters
Anti-Resonant Compensation of Tweeter Frequency Response Peaks
Pre- and Post-Emphasis Techniques as Applied to Audio Recording Systems
Load Handling Capability of Commercial Power Amplifiers
Audio-for-Image: Using the New Hardware for Integrating Sound, Film, and Video
Source Radiation Characteristics
Selection of Test Signals for DSP-Based Testing of Digital Audio Systems
Diffusing Surfaces in Concert Halls: Boon or Bane?
The Digital Audio Processing Station: A New Concept in Audio Post-Production
A Gate-Array Multiplier for Digital Audio Processing
Software vs. Hardware Synthesis; A Reconciliation
A Complex Audio System for Broadcast Coverage of the 1985 Presidential Inauguration
Designing a Portable, Battery Operated, Programmable, Low Distortion Audio Generator
Pontoon Amplifier Constructions Incorporating Error-Feedback Location of Floating Power Supplies
Nth-Order Recursive Sigma-ADC Machinery at the Analogue: Digital Gateway
Synthesized Test Signals for Digital Audio
Digital Audio Recording on Floppy Disk
Computerized Audio Testing
Guidelines for Power Amplifier Evaluation
A Practical Analysis of Sum-and-Difference Matrixing for Stereo Broadcast Transmission Systems
Application of the Fast Fourier Transform to Digital Audio Electrical and Acoustical Measurement Techniques
The Role of Reflection Phase Grating Diffusors in Critical Listening and Performing Environments
A Graphical Method for Choosing and Aiming Loudspeakers for Reinforcement
Re-Entrant Compression and Adaptive Expansion for Optimized Noise Reduction
Recent Progress in Data Recording for Digital Audio
A Professional, 2-Channel, 15ips DASH Recorder
Designing Intelligible Sound Systems
Stereo Microphone Techniques: Are the Purists Wrong?
Reducing the Weight and Cost of a Conventional Power Transformer
Trouble-Shooting the Recording Studio
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