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A Listening Comparison of Far-Field Microphone Techniques
The Countereffective Influence of the Audio Marketplace on the Musician/Consumer
Central Cluster Design Technique for Large Multipurpose Auditoria
Acoustic Radiation of a Horn Loudspeaker by the Finite Element Method: Acoustic Characteristics of a Horn Loudspeaker with an Elastic Diaphragm
THE AUTOBIAS AMPLIFIER: A New Topology for Automatically Biased Audio Amplifiers Using Power MOSFETs
A Polar Plot Method of Loudspeaker Array Design
LSIs for Digital Signal Processing Based on a PCM Standard Format
Digital Audio Cassette Recorder with Built-In VHS Video Tape Mechanism in a Single Unit
Manipulating the Response of Multiway Loudspeaker Crossovers
Tone Burst Testing on Selected Electronic Crossover Networks
Low Distortion Programmable Gain Cell Using Current-Steering Cascode Topology
Restoration of Nonlinearly Distorted Audio by Histogram Equalization
A High Quality Moving Coil Cartridge of New Design
Listening Tests: Turning Opinion into Fact
Design Aspects of Graphic Equalizers
An Audio/Video Simulation Facility
The Audibility of Doppler Distortion in Loudspeakers
Design Consideration of Digital Cross-Fade in Multi-Channel Recorders
High Resolution Subjective Testing Using a Double Blind Comparator
Dynamic Range Requirement for Subjective Noise Free Reproduction of Music
The Interrelation Between Fundamental Parameters and Low Frequency Response in Dynamic Loudspeakers
Phase Error in Tape Cartridges for Radio Broadcast Service
A New Vocal De-Esser
A Personal Computer Program for Optimizing Component Tolerances
Systematic Design of Accurate Pink Noise Filters
The LaVerne Terrace Low Pass Filter
Advancements in the USQ Family of Multichannel Reproduction Systems
A Touch Sensitive Keyboard for Electronic Music
Mathematical Functions that Relate the Surround Sound Matrix to General Aspects of Mental Functioning
Tonal Effects of Close Microphone Placement
Selective Acoustic Absorber Design with Personal Calculators
Improvements in Monitor Loudspeaker Systems
Graphic Equalizer with Microprocessor
Loudspeaker Coverage by Architectural Mapping
Synthesis by Amplitude and "Brightness" Matching of Analyzed Musical Instrument Tones
Optically Encoded Moving Shutter Attenuator
Television Multiplex Broadcast Systems for Stereo, Bilingual and Other Services
Refinements of the Threshold Error Correcting Algorithm
Digital Audio/Video Combination Recorder Using Custom Made LSI's, IC's
M-S Stereo: A Powerful Technique for Working in Stereo
An Improved Preamplifier Design
The VU Meter
Polarity and Phase Standards for Analog Tape Recorders
The Acoustical Behavior of Pressure-Responding Microphones Positioned on Rigid Boundaries: A Review and Critique
Direct Low-Frequency Driver Synthesis from System Specifications
Large Scale Integrated Circuits for PCM Audio Processors
State-of-the-Art Cinema Sound Reproduction Systems: Technology Advances and System Design Considerations
A Microphone Technique Applying the Principle of Second-Order Gradient Unidirectionality
A Family of Linear-Phase Crossover Networks of High Slope Derived by Time Delay
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