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An Electronic Valve Instrument (Trumpet) for Controlling an Electronic Music Synthesizer
Considerations on Providing Audio Coverage in Television Production Studios
Outdoor Speaker Measurements and Some Useful Parameter Tests
Functional Specifications for Digital Computer-Assisted Post-Production Recording Mix-Down
An Interfaced Dual Sound System for a Church
Synthetic Cues in Binaural Localization
The Monolithic Compandor: A High-Performance Gain-Control Integrated Circuit
An Almost Locked Oscillator for Electronic Music Synthesis
Use of Tape Recorders in Real Time Electronic Music
A Proposed AM Stereo Broadcasting System
Analysis-Synthesis as a Tool for Creating New Families of Sound
Audio-Visual/Room Acoustics for the Board Room, Part II: Considerations of Signal and Noise in a Quasi-Reverberant Space
Vertical Mosfets (VMOS) in High Quality Audio Power Amplifiers
A Tape Time (Position) Locator Using Microprocessor Technology
The RCA Quadulator
Audio-Visual/Room Acoustics for the Board Room, Part I
A Polyphonic Music Synthesizer Utilizing Master Programmed Electronic Synthesis Modules for Each Key
Alienating Sound-A Definition for Noise
CP100 Cinema Processor--A New Audio Control Center for the Motion Picture Theatre
Acoustics in Primary Schools: The Australian Experience
A Review of Factors Affecting the Quality of Duplicate Magnetic Recordings Generated at High Speed
Holomorph Recording
Low-Mass 4-Channel Discrete Diamond Tips with Shibata, Paroc, or Pramanik Cut
Establishing a Loudspeaker's Directivity Figure of Merit (DFM)
A Multiplexed Remote Control System
Instrument Isolation for Multiple Track Music Recording
Microcomputer Application to Console Automation
A High Speed Digital to Analog Conversion System for Digital Music Synthesis
Magnetic Head Relapping Techniques
A Patchable Electronic Music Percussion Synthesizer
The Print-Through Phenomenon and Its Practical Consequences
The Accu-Peak Level Indicator
Ultimate Performance of Wide-Range High Frequency Compression Drivers
An Efficiency Constant Comparison Between Low-Frequency Horns and Direct-Radiators
Design of an Automated Graphic Equalizer
A -Hybrid-Synthesizer-
Modular Design Ideas for Portable Sound Systems
A Time-Align Technique for Loudspeaker System Design
A Consideration on Sound Localization
Things Any Boy Can Do with a Sixteen Track, an EU Polyphonic, and a DBX.....
New Wear-Resistant Permalloy Material for Magnetic Recording Head Application
Theory of Tracing Distortion and its Correction in Carrier Quadraphonic Disc Records
Feedback Elimination Simplified
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