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Audio Limits in Broadcasting
The Environmental Design of a Studio Control Room
A Survey of Recording Studio Monitoring Problems
Principles of Creating Movement in Dramatic Productions for Radio, TV and Film Sound
The Balance of Listening Levels in Two- and Four-Channel Systems
Threshold of Phase Detection by Hearing
Attempts for Better Understanding of the Directional Stereophonic Listening Mechanism
Magnetic Induction Loops with Geometrically Restricted Fields for Communication in Schools for the Hard-of-Hearing
Reduction of Acoustic Feedback in Sound System Applications
Low Frequency Response of Multitrack Magnetic Reproducers
A Simplified Analysis of Spectral Distribution of Music During Master Tape Recording
The Frequency Response of Loudspeakers: On-Axis Response or Power Response?
Sources of the Constant Volume Velocity and Their Use for Acoustic Measurements
Definitions and Measurements of Fidelity and Fidelity Index of Electroacoustical Components and Electroacoustical Chains
Loudspeaker Measurement and Consumer Information
Instrumentation for Reverberation Measurements
The Ambiguous Watt
A Fast Method for the Determination of the Intelligibility of Running Speech
Consideration of Occupied Bandwidth and Adjacent Channel Interference of FM 4-Channel Broadcasting System
Discrete 4-Channel Records, 1973
The Principles and Performance of the Sansui QS Vario-Matrix
A New Solid State Peak Programme Meter
Peak Level Meter with LED-Indication, A New Generation
A Miniature Power Supply for a Mixing Console
New Improvements in Using Telephone Calls in Radio and TV Programs
The Variable Magnetic Shunt Principle Applied to the Phonograph Cartridge
An Audio Power Amplifier for Ultimate Quality Requirements
Distortion Minimization in Transistorized Audio Voltage Amplifiers
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