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Simplified Loudspeaker Measurements at Low Frequencies
Acoustic Evaluation of Prosthetic Cardiac Valve Performance
Record Changer Design Considerations
Comparative Stereophonic Listening Tests
An Ultraminiature Console Compression System with Maximum User Flexibility
A Composer's Looks at MITSYN
Innocent Murmurs in Children
A Study to Establish Optimum Level on Cassette Tape Copies
Weighted Peak Flutter Measurement: A Summary of the New IEEE Standard
Analysing Phase-Amplitude Matrices
The Monolithic Balanced Modulator as a Versatile Audio Switching Element
Automation as Applied to the Mix Down Process
A Stereo Program Phase Checker
Acoustical Requirements in Bürolandschaften (Open-Plan Offices)-The Necessity of Sound-Masking Systems
Dolby B-Type Noise Reduction for FM Broadcasts
Discrete Field Measurement of Howlback Probability in Microphones
A Practical High Frequency Trackability Test for Phono Pickups
An Ultra-Stable Digital Ø-H Meter
Automatic Detection of Impulse Noise
Microphone Considerations in Feedback-Prone Environments
Applying Digital Technology to Audio: Delay, Transmission, Storage and Other Forms of Processing
Some Considerations About Improvement of the Performance of Cassette Tape Recorders
Velocity Sensing-The Parameter for a Complete Tape Transport Motion Control
Noise Control for Studios
Microphone Techniques for Improved Pickup of Stage Performances
Restoration of Old Acoustic Recordings By Means Of Digital Signal Processing
Playback Losses and the Design of Wideband Phonograph Pickups
Eleven Day Sound System for 325,000 People
A-D and D-A Converters: Their Effect on Digital Audio Fidelity
A Fail-Safe Audio Power Amplifier
The Role of the Audio Engineer in Medicine
Signal Synchronous Variable Pitch Computer
Design of a Noise Eliminator System
Maxi-Bass and Marvelous-Midi from Mini-Woof-Woof
Proposed Universal Encoding Standards for Compatible Four-Channel Matrixing
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