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Extraction of Pitch of Speech by Means of a Phase Locked Tracking Filter
Historical Development of Magnetic Tapes from the Point of View of the Preisach Diagram
An Electronic Piano
Sound Reinforcement for Banqueting Halls, Ballrooms and Conference Rooms
Thin Bilaminar Piezodisks Used as Microphone and Telephone Membranes
Horn Loudspeaker with an Electrostatically Driven Diaphragm
A High Fidelity Large Output Sound Reproducing System
Simulator-Analogue Computer Simulating Electro-Mechanical Transducers
A New Method for Subjective Rating of Loudspeakers
Trackability Test by Complex Tones and Biasing Force Effects of Phonograph Pickups
Measuring Gramophone Pickup Performance
Synchronous TV Sound Recording
A New Concept of a Capstan Drive System for Professional and Home Tape Recorders
An Estimation of Annoyance Caused by Dropouts in Magnetically Recorded Music
Audio Control Facilities in Modern Recording Studios
Monitoring Standardization for Multi-Track Recording System
The Loudness Balance of Audio Broadcast Programs
A New Approach to Dynamic Range Compression for Audio Systems
Use of Solid State Transducers in Mechanics and Acoustics
High Density Disc Recording Systems
Stereo/Mono Disc Compatibility: A Survey of the Problems
-Symbiotic- R-Wave Monitor
Some Promising New Techniques in Hearing Research
Amplifying and Processing Myo-Electric Signals for Use in Man-Machine Systems
The Development of the Simulated Live-vs-Recorded Test into a Design Tool
Ford Foundation Headquarters Auditorium Sound Reinforcement and Translation System
A Real-Time Multipartial Waveform Analyzer-Synthesizer
An Electronic Music Learning System
A User-Oriented Quality Tape Duplicator
Magnetic Recording Tape: The Influence of the Magnetic Coating Thickness Upon Signal Parameters
The Application of Digital Integrated Circuits in an Electronic Rhythm Generator
Distortion Measurement Interpretation
IGFET Strain Transducers Utilizing Piezoelectric Materials
Broadband Equalization of Small Meeting Rooms-Is There a Common Denominator?
New Compact 16-Track, 2-Inch Recorder/Reproducer
Subjective Quality of the n'th Generation Tape Copy
The Sophisticated Speaker?
On The Design, Measurement, and Evaluation of Loudspeakers
The Trans-World Radio Broadcast Center
A Specialized Audio Control Console
The Real World of Headphone Performance
An Unusual Nightclub Sound Reinforcement System
Stereo Recordings-Monaural Playback-Their Compatibility
Magnetic Tape Testing and Interpretation
The Operation of the Recording Laboratory in the Library of Congress
Remote Control Audio/Visual Facility for an Advertising Agency
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