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Efficient Binaural Audio Rendering Using Independent Early and Diffuse Paths
The Hand Clap as an Impulse Source for Measuring Room Acoustics
Subjective Sound Quality Evaluation of a Codec for Digital Wireless Transmission
Virtual Microphones: Using Ultrasonic Sound to Receive Audio Waves
Implementation and Evaluation of Autonomous Multi-Track Fader Control
A Voice Classification System for Younger Children with Applications to Content Navigation
Physical Model of the Slide Guitar: An Approach Based on Contact Forces
Magnitude-Priority Filter Design for Audio Applications
Measuring Spectral Directivity of an Electric Guitar Amplifier
Full Room Equalization at Low Frequencies with Asymmetric Loudspeaker Arrangements
Linear Mixing Models for Active Listening of Music Productions in Realistic Studio Conditions
Capturing Height: The Addition of Z Microphones to Stereo and Surround Microphone Arrays
Automated Horizontal Orchestration Based on Multichannel Musical Recordings
The Effect of Scattering on Sound Field Control with a Circular Double-Layer Array of Loudspeakers
The Equidome, a Personal Spatial Reproduction Array
A Clipping Detector for Layout-Independent Multichannel Audio Production
Evaluation of Spatial Impression Comparing Surround with Height Channels for 3D Imagery
Microphone Array Design for Localization with Elevation Cues
General Integral Equation for the With-Height Reproduction of a Focused Source Inside
Evaluation of a New Active Acoustics System in Performances of Five String Quartets
Immersive Audiovisual Environment with 3D Audio Playback
Sensitive Audio Data Encryption for Multimodal Surveillance Systems
Loudness Normalization of Wide-Dynamic Range Broadcast Material
Creating Mood Dictionary Associated with Music
Redundancy Optimization for Networked Audio Systems
Detection of Two Subwoofers: Effect of Broad-Band-Channel Level and Crossover Frequency
Pitch, Timbre, Source Separation, and the Myths of Loudspeaker Imaging
Comparison of Localization Performance of Blind and Sighted Subjects on a Virtual Audio Display and in Real-Life Environments
HELM: High Efficiency Loudness Model for Broadcast Content
Defining the Listening Comfort Zone in Broadcasting through the Analysis of the Maximum Loudness Levels
The Relative Importance of Speech and Non-Speech Components for Preferred Listening Levels
Emergency Voice/Stress-Level Combined Recognition for Intelligent House Applications
Loudness Range (LRA) - Design and Evaluation
Statistical Properties of the Close-Microphone Responses
Reproduction of Proximity Virtual Sources Using a Line Array of Loudspeakers
On the Statistics of Binaural Room Transfer Functions
On Acoustic Detection of Vocal Modes
Audio DSP from Scratch for Students of Computing
A Comparison of Audio Frameworks for Teaching, Research, and Development
Influence of Resolution of Head Tracking in Synthesis of Binaural Audio
Objective and Subjective Tests of Consumer-Class Audio Devices
Subjective Evaluations of Perspective Control Microphone Array (PCMA)
Objective Profiling of Perceived Punch and Clarity in Produced Music
A Hybrid Method Combining Synthesis of a Sound Field and Control of Acoustic Contrast
Validation of Room Plane Wave Decomposition as a Tool for Spatial Echogram Analysis of Rooms
Current-Driven Switch-Mode Audio Power Amplifiers
Debugging of Class-D Audio Power Amplifiers
Investigation of Crosstalk in Self Oscillating Switch Mode Audio Power Amplifier
Measuring Mixing Time in Non-Sabinian Rooms: How Scattering Influences Small-Room Responses
Separation of High Order Impulse Responses in Methods Based on the Exponential Swept-Sine
Overview of Feature Selection for Automatic Speech Recognition
Evaluating the Influence of Source Separation Methods in Robust Automatic Speech Recognition with a Specific Cocktail-Party Training
Automatic Regular Voice, Raised Voice, and Scream Recognition Employing Fuzzy Logic
Enhanced Chroma Feature Extraction from HE-AAC Encoder
Hum Removal Filters: Overview and Analysis
Determining the Threshold of Acceptability for an Interfering Audio Programme
Signal Processing Framework for Virtual Headphone Listening Tests in a Noisy Environment
Listeners Who Have Low Hearing Thresholds Do Not Perform Better in Difficult Listening Tasks
Perceptual Evaluation of Stochastic-Event-Based Percussive Timbres for Use in Statistical Sonification
Analysis on Error Caused by Multi-Scattering of Multiple Sound Sources in HRTF Measurement
Personalization of Headphone Spatialization Based on the Relative Localization Error in an Auditory Gaming Interface
Robustness of a Mixed-Order Ambisonics Microphone Array for Sound Field Reproduction
An Algorithm for Efficiently Synthesizing Multiple Near-Field Virtual Sources in Dynamic Virtual Auditory Display
Scalable Coding of Three-Dimensional Multichannel Sound - Design of Conversion Matrix and Modeling of Unmasking Phenomenon
Time Domain Performance of Decimation Filter Architectures for High Resolution Sigma Delta Analogue to Digital Conversion
A Delta-Sigma Modulator Using Dual NTF for 1-Bit Digital Switching Amplifier
9 Years HE AAC – Technical Challenges Using an Open Standard in Real-World Applications
Subjective Tests on Audio Mix Dedicated to MP3 Coding
New Enhancements for Improved Image Quality and Channel Separation in the Immersive Sound Field Rendition (ISR) Parametric Multichannel Audio Coding System
Novel Decimation-Whitening Filter in Spectral Band Replication
MPEG Unified Speech and Audio Coding - The ISO/MPEG Standard for High-Efficiency Audio Coding of All Content Types
Amplitude Manipulation for Perceived Movement in Depth
Virtual 5.1 Channel Reproduction of Stereo Sound for Mobile Devices
From Short- to Long-Range Signal Tunneling
Optimizing Teaching Room Acoustics: A Comparison of Minor Structural Modifications to Dereverberation Based on Smoothed Responses
Designing an Audio Engineer's User Interface for Microphone Arrays
User Interface Evaluation for Discrete Sound Placement in Film and TV Post Production
KnuckleTap - Exploring the Possibilities of Audio Input in a Mobile Rhythmic Notepad Application
An Optical System to Track Azimuth Head Rotations for Use in Binaural Listening Tests of Automotive Audio Systems
Investigation of Salient Audio-Features for Pattern-Based Semantic Content Analysis of Radio Productions
Sound Field Reproduction Method in Spatio-Temporal Frequency Domain Considering Directivity of Loudspeakers
Practical Applications of Chameleon Subwoofer Arrays
Localization in Binaural Reproduction with Insert Headphones
A Comparative Evaluation between Numerical Techniques for Implementing the Acoustic Diffusion Equation Model
A Bayesian Framework for Sound Source Localization
Comparison of Modal Versus Delay-and-Sum Beamforming in the Context of Data-Based Binaural Synthesis
Loudspeaker for Low Frequency Signal Driven by Four Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Motors
Comprehensive Measurements of Head Influence on a Supercardioid Microphone
Simulation of a 4" Compression Driver Using a Fully Coupled Vibroacoustic Finite Element Analysis including Viscous and Thermal Losses
Design of Vented Boxes Using Current Feedback Filters
Midrange Coloration Caused by Resonant Scattering in Loudspeakers
Evaluation of Vibrating Sound Transducers with Glass Membrane Based on Measurements and Numerical Simulations
Voice Coil Inter-Turn Faults Modeling and Simulation
Headphone Selection for Binaural Synthesis with Blocked Auditory Canal Recording
A Low Latency Multichannel Audio Processing Evaluation Platform
Evaluating Spatial Congruency of 3D Audio and Video Objects
User Evaluation on Loudness Harmonization on the Web
Evaluation of Cultural Similarity in Playlist Generation
Toward an Unbiased Standard in Testing Laptop PC Audio Quality
Some New Evidence that Teenagers and College Students May Prefer Accurate Sound Reproduction
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