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Perceptual Modeling of Piano Tones
Multi-Channel Audio Processing Using a Unified Domain Representation
Multi-Channel Audio Time-Scale Modification
Improving MPEG-7 Sound Classification
Measurement of Architectural Speech Security of Closed Offices and Meeting Rooms
Frequency-Based Coloring of the Waveform Display to Facilitate Audio Editing and Retrieval
Development of Auditory Alerts for Air Traffic Control Consoles
Multi-Channel Impulse Response Measurement, Analysis and Rendering in Archaeological Acoustics
Preferred Listening Levels in the Automotive Environment
High Frequency Compensation for Compressed Digital Audio Using Sampled-Data Control
Are There Criteria to Evaluate Optical Disc Quality That Are Relevant for End-Users?
An Open Design and Implementation for the Enabler Component of the Plural Node Architecture of Professional Audio Devices
Audibility of Spectral Switching in Head-Related Transfer Functions
Virtual Source Location Information for Binaural Cue Coding
Perceptual Movement of Sounds Fed Through Multiway Loudspeakers Perpendicularly Set Up
High Order Spatial Audio Capture and Its Binaural Head-Tracked Playback Over Headphones with HRTF Cues
Performance of Spatial Audio Using Dynamic Cross-Talk Cancellation
An Application of Lined-Up Loudspeaker Array System for Mixed Reality Audio-Visual Reproduction System
Perceptual Evaluation of 5.1 Downmix Algorithms
Discrimination of Auditory Source Focus for Musical Instrument Sounds with Varying Low-Frequency Cross Correlation in Multichannel Loudspeaker Reproduction
Optimizing Placement and Equalization of Multiple Low Frequency Loudspeakers in Rooms
An Immersive Audio Environment with Source Positioning Based on Virtual Microphone Control
Simulation and Visualization of Room Compensation for Wave Field Synthesis with the Functional Transformation Method
Acoustic Intensity in Multichannel Rendering Systems
Towards a Procedure for Stability Analysis of High Order Sigma Delta Modulators
An Interface for Analysis-Driven Sound Processing
A Comparison of Digital Power Amplifiers with Conventional Linear Technology: Performance, Function and Application
Selective Mixing of Sounds
An Efficient Asynchronous Sampling-Rate Conversion Algorithm for Multi-Channel Audio Applications
An Approach for Multichannel Recording and Reproduction of Sound Source Directivity
Artificial Reverberation Algorithm to Control Distance and Direction of Sound Source for Multi-Channel Audio System
Surround Recording of Music: Problems and Solutions
Motion-Tracked Binaural Sound for Personal Music Players
Subjective Consumer Evaluation of Multi-Channel Audio Codecs
Advanced Multichannel Audio System for Reproducing a Live Sound Field with Ultimate Sensation of Presence
VisualAudio - An Environment for Designing, Tuning, and Testing Embedded Audio Applications
Analysis and Design Algorithm of Time Varying Reverberator for Low Memory Applications
A Comparison of the Performance of “Pruned Tree” Versus “Stack” Algorithms for Look-Ahead Sigma Delta Modulators
Adaptive Strategies for Inverse Filtering
New Understandings of the Use of Ferrites in the Prevention and Suppression of RF Interference to Audio Systems
Parametric Control of Filter Slope Versus Time Delay for Linear Phase Crossovers
A Robust Partial Tracker for Analysis of Music Signals
Automatic Retrieval of Musical Rhythmic Patterns
A Spectrogram Display for Loudspeaker Transient Response
Quality Enhancement of Low Bit Rate Mpeg1-Layer 3 Audio Based on Audio Resynthesis
Obtaining 120dB Performance Using Switching Power Supplies
Influence of Artificial Mouth’s Directivity in Determining Speech Transmission Index
A New Low-Delay Codec for Two-Way High-Quality Audio Communication
Compensation of Nonlinearities of Horn Loudspeakers
Diaphragm Parameters and Radiation Characteristics of Multilayer Piezoelectric Ceramic Loudspeakers
A Study on Lumped Elements Model and Thermal Effects of Eddy Currents in Loudspeakers
Spatial Audio Coding System Based on Virtual Source Location Information
An Ultra High Performance DAC with Controlled Time-Domain Response
Understanding the Effects of AES-17 When Evaluating 192kHz Converter Performance
Wideband Piezoelectric Rectangular Loudspeaker Using Tuck Shape PVDF Bimorph
Modelling Compression Drivers Using T-Matrices and Finite Element Analysis
A Proposal for Low Frequency Loudspeaker Design Utilizing Ultrasonic Motor
Finite Element Modelling of a Loudspeaker. Part 1: Theory and Validation.
Radiated Sound Field Analysis of Loudspeaker Systems: Discrete Geometrical Distribution of Circular Membranes Versus Co-Incident Annular Rings.
Loudspeaker Nonlinearities – Causes, Parameters, Symptoms
Upfront Time Segmentation Methods for Transform Coding of Audio
Enhanced Accuracy of the Tonality Measure and Control Parameter Extraction Modules in MPEG-4 HE-AAC
New Techniques in Spatial Audio Coding
A New Broadcast Quality Low Bit Rate Audio Coding Scheme Utilizing Novel Bandwidth Extension Tools
The MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding (ALS) Standard - Technology and Applications
Improving Loudspeaker Transient Response with Digital Signal Processing
Simulation of Harmonic Distortion in Horns Using an Extended BEM Postprocessing
Modal Analysis and Nonlinear Normal Modes (NNM) on Moving Assemblies of Loudspeakers
Finite Element Modelling of a Loudspeaker Part 2: Applications
Ground-Plane Constant Beamwidth Transducer (CBT) Loudspeaker Circular-Arc Line Arrays
A Balanced Modal Radiator (BMR)
Jointly Optimal Time Segmentation, Distribution and Quantisation for Sinusoidal Audio Coding
Enhanced Performance in the Functionality of Fine Grain Scalability
Scalability in KOZ Audio Compression Technology
MPEG Spatial Audio Coding / MPEG Surround: Overview and Current Status
Efficient Design of Time-Frequency Stereo Parameter Sets for Parametric HE-AAC
Structural Analysis of Low Latency Audio Coding Schemes
The Design of Half-Band FIR Filters Using Ripple Attenuation of a Manipulated Lowpass
Single Channel Source Separation Using Short-Time Independent Component Analysis
A New Class of Smooth Power Complementary Windows and Their Application to Audio Signal Processing
Active Leak Compensation in Small Sized Speakers Using Digital Signal Processing
Digital Filter Design and Implementation within the Steinberg Virtual Studio Technology (VST) Architecture
Comparison Between Time Delay Based and Non-Uniform Phase Based Equalization for Multi-Channel Loudspeaker-Room Responses
Objective Function for Automatic Multi-Position Equalization and Bass Management Filter Selection
Acoustical Monitoring Research for National Parks and Wilderness Areas
A Binaural Model to Predict Position and Extension of Spatial Images Created with Standard Sound Recording Techniques
An Unsupervised Adaptive Filtering Approach of 2-to-5 Channel Upmix
Investigation on the Related Effect Caused by ECM Miniaturization
On Amplitude Panning and Asymmetric Loudspeaker Set-Ups
Phantom Audio Sources with Vertically Seperated Speakers
Difference of the Sound Levels Among 15 Japanese Terrestrial and Digital Satellite TV Broadcasting Channels
Electroacoustic Analogy Analysis of Electret Condenser Microphones with Noise-Canceling Effects
Noise Shaping in Time-Domain Quantized LFM
Stereo and Multichannel Loudness Perception and Metering
The Influence of Stereophony on the Restitution of Timbre by Loudspeakers
Audio Processor ICs for Advanced TV
The Native B-Format Microphone
A Web Search Engine for Sound Effects
Alternative Approaches for Recording Surround Sound
Microphones, High Wind and Rain
Automatic Evaluation of Musical Sound Separation Quality
Internet-Based Automatic Hearing Assessment System
Constructing Individual and Group Timbre Spaces for Sharpness-Matched Distorted Guitar Timbres
Physiological and Content Considerations for a Second Low Frequency Channel for Bass Management, Subwoofers, and LFE
Individual Vocabulary Profiling of Spatial Enhancement Systems for Stereo Headphone Reproduction
Assessing the Suitability of Digital Signal Processing as Applied to Performance Audio Such as In-Ear Monitoring Systems
New Data Format to Describe Complex Sound Sources
The Significance of Phase Data for the Acoustic Prediction of Combinations of Sound Sources
Simulation, Auralization and Their Verification of Acoustic Parameters Using Line Arrays
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