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Interoperable Synthetic Audio Formats for Mobile Applications and Games
Preview: Interactive XMF - A Standardized Interchange File Format for Advanced Interactive Audio Content
Computer Games and Multichannel Audio Quality Part 2 ' Evaluation of Time-Variant Audio Degradations Under Divided and Undivided Attention
Interactive Mixing of Game Audio
Wavelet Based Multiple Point Equalization of Room Transfer Function
The Time When the Reverberation Tail in a Binaural Room Impulse Response Begins
Hybrid M Sequences for Room Impulse Response Estimation
Active Field Control (AFC) -Reverberation Enhancement System Using Acoustical Feedback Control
Designing a Spherical Microphone Array for the Directional Analysis of Reflections and Reverberation
Practical Implementation of Constant Beamwidth Transducer (CBT) Loudspeaker Circular-Arc Line Arrays
Acoustical Evaluation of Virtual Rooms by Means of Binaural Activity Patterns
An Acoustical Measurement Method for the Derivation of Loudspeaker Parameters
The Active Pulse Modulated Transducer (AT) - A Novel Audio Power Conversion System Architecture
Low-frequency Polar Pattern Control for Improved In-room Response
Scalable Perceptual and Lossless Audio Coding Based on MPEG-4 AAC
Robust MPEG Advanced Audio Coding over Wireless Channels
MP3 in MPEG-4
A Closer Look into MPEG-4 High Efficiency AAC
MPEG-4 Lossless Coding for High-Definition Audio
An mLAN Connection Management Server for Web-Based, Multi-User, Audio Device Patching
The Audio File Format for Digital Distribution
Design method of Digital Audio Network System for Auditoriums
Perceptual Discrimination between Musical Sounds with and without Very High Frequency Components
Parametrically Controlled Noise Shaping in Variable State-Step-Back Pseudo-Trellis SDM
A Universal Interface on Cat-5 Cable for High-resolution Multi-channel Audio Interconnection
The Effects and Reduction of Common-Mode Noise and Electromagnetic Interference in High-Resolution Digital Audio Transmission Systems
Adjusting a Loudspeaker to Its Acoustic Environment - The ABC System
Lamps for Speaker Protection
Hey Kid! Wanna Build a Loudspeaker? The First One's Free
Loose Particle Detection in Loudspeakers
Radiation of Sound by a Baffled DML-Panel Near a Porous Layer
Practical Application of Linear Phase Crossovers with Transition Bands Approaching a Brick Wall Response for Optimal Loudspeaker Frequency, Impulse and Polar Response
The Development of a Forward Radiating Compression Driver by the Application of Acoustic, Magnetic and Thermal Finite Element Methods
Comparison of Direct-Radiator Loudspeaker System Nominal Power Efficiency vs. True Efficiency with High-Bl Drivers
MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) Audio Devices - Dreams and Realities
Surface-Micromachined MEMS Microphone
Auditory Perception of Nonlinear Distortion - Theory
Auditory Perception of Nonlinear Distortion
The Subjective Loudness of Typical Program Material
A Calibrated Source for Virtual Audio Prototyping
Augmentation, Application and Verification of the Generalized Listener Selection Procedure
Relating Multilingual Semantic Scales to a Common Timbre Space - Part II
Objective Measures of Loudness
Testing for Radio-Frequency Common Impedance Coupling (the "Pin 1 Problem") in Microphones and Other Audio Equipment
A Novel Method of Testing for Susceptibility of Audio Equipment to Interference from Medium and High Frequency Radio Transmitters
Directional Room Acoustics Measurement Using Large-Scale Microphone Arrays
Intelligent Program Loudness Measurement and Control: What Satisfies Listeners?
A Novel Single-Microphone Method of Measuring Acoustical Impedance in a Tube
Localization in a HRTF-based Minimum Audible Angle Listening Test on a 2D Sound Screen for GUIB Applications
On the Twelve Basic Intervals in South Indian Classical Music
A pointing Technique with Visual Feedback for Sound Source Localization Experiments
Difference Limen for the Q factor of Room Modes
The Effects of Early Decay Time on Auditory Depth in the Virtual Audio Environment
Creating a Universal Graphical Assessment Language for Describing and Evaluating Spatial Attributes of Reproduced Audio Events
A Virtual Loudspeaker Model to Enable Real-Time Listening Tests in Examine the Audibility of High-Order Crossover Networks
Tracking Changes In Linear Loudspeaker Parameters with Current Feedback
Comparative Analysis of Moving-Coil Loudspeakers Driven by Voltage and Current Sources
Loudspeakers' Electric Models for Study of the Efforts in Audio Power Amplifiers
Nonlinear Versus Parametric Effects in Compression Drivers
Measurement of Equivalent Input Distortion
On Peak-Detecting and RMS Feedback and Feedforward Compressors
Return Loss and Digital Audio
A Generalization of the Biquadratic Parametric Equalizer
A Review of Smart Acoustic Volume Controllers for Consumer Electronics
Head Related Transfer Function Refinement Using Directional Weighting Function
A Multi-bit Delta-Sigma DAC with Mismatch Shaping in the Feedback Loop
An Efficient Low-Power Audio Amplifier with Power Supply Rails Tracking the Output by Means of Pulse Width Modulation
A Unified Approach to Low- and High-frequency Bandwidth Extension
Embedded Digital Filters for PWM Generators
Further Investigations of Inverse Filtering
Pure Linear Prediction
Design of Low-Order Filters for Radiation Synthesis
A Numerical Method to Modify the NBR 10303 Filter Frequency Response
Time Delay Spectrometry Processing Using Standard Hardware Platforms
Lossless Signal Processing with Complex Mersenne Transforms
An Approach to Miking and Mixing of Music Ensembles Using Wave Field Synthesis
Investigation of Interactions between Recording/Mixing Parameters and Spatial Subjective Attributes in the Frame of 5.1 Multichannel
Physical and Perceptual Considerations for High-resolution Audio
Virtual Acoustic System with a Multichannel Headphone
Perceptually Motivated Processing for Spatial Audio Microphone Arrays
Scalable Tri-play Recording for Stereo, ITU 5.1/6.1 2D, and Periphonic 3D (with Height) Compatible Surround Sound Reproduction
Dither and Noise Modulation in Sigma Delta Modulators
Stability Analysis of Limit Cycles in High Order Sigma Delta Modulators
Compression and Decompression of Wavetable Synthesis Data
Reconfigurable Logic for Audio Signal Processing
Discrete-Time Shelf Filter Design for Analog Modeling
High-performance Configurable Fixed-point Audio Processor Design Considerations
Sensitivity of Multichannel Room Equalization to Listener Position
In-Room Low Frequency Optimization
Hybrid Equalization of Room for Home Theatre System
Low Frequency Absorbers - Applications and Comparisons
Audio Production in Large Office Environments
Diffuse Field Reverberation Modeled as a Flat Fading Channel
Intelligent Class D Amplifier Controller Integrated Circuit as an Ingredient Technology for Multi-Channel Amplifier Modules of Greater than 50Watts/Channel
High Quality Multi-channel Time-Scaling and Pitch-Shifting Using Auditory Scene Analysis
Adaptive Digital Calibration of Over-Sampled Data Converter Systems
Efficient Algorithms for Look-Ahead Sigma-Delta Modulators
Authentic Reproduction of Stereo Sound - A Wiener Filter Approach
Objective Evaluation of Noise Reduction Algorithms in Speech Applications
Directivity Balloons of Real and Artificial Mouth Simulators for Measurement of the Speech Transmission Index
Intrusive Speech Transmission Quality Measurements for Low Bit-Rate Coded Signals
Automatic Level Alignment for the Arbitrary Multi-channel Reproduction System
Object-based 3D Audio Scene Representation
A Flexible Resynthesis Approach for Quasi-harmonic Sounds
Objective Prediction of Sound Synthesis Quality
Automatic Classification of Large Musical Instrument Databases Using Hierarchical Classifiers with Inertia Ratio Maximization
Virtual Analog Synthesis with a Time-Varying Comb Filter
Using MPEG-7 Audio Fingerprinting in Real-World Applications
Implementation of a Double StereoDipole System on a DSP Board ' Experimental Validation and Subjective Evaluation Inside a Car Cockpit
Development of a Digital Amplifier for Car Use
Software Radio Receiver for Audio and Video Broadcasting Systems
Subband Adaptive Filtering for Acoustic Noise Reduction
Multi-Frequency Noise Removal Based on Reinforcement Learning
Music Identification with MPEG-7
High Frequency Reconstruction by Linear Extrapolation
Audio Storage and Networking in the Digital Age
The Requirement for Standards In Metadata Exchange for Networked Audio Environments
An Investigation of Layered Sound
Authoring Systems for Wave Field Synthesis Content Production
A Sound Localizer Robust to Reverberation
Modification of Louspeaker Generated Posision Cues through Assistant Headphones
Spherical Microphone Array for Spatial Sound Recording
Modeling Sound Source Localization under the Precedence Effect Using Multivariate Gaussian Mixtures
Cascaded Trellis-Based Optimization for MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding
Implementing MPEG Advanced Audio Coding and Layer-3 Encoders on 32-bit and 16-bit Fixed-point Processors
An Extended-Run-Length Coding Tool for Audio Compression
Implementation of Interactive 3D Audio Using MPEG-4 Multimedia Standards
Error Mitigation in MPEG-4 Audio Packet Communication Systems
Combined Source and Perceptual Audio Coding
Phase Transmission in Sinusoidal Audio and Speech Coding
Objective Estimates of Partial Masking Thresholds for Mobile Terminal Alert Tones
A Method of Loudspeaker Directivity Prediction Based on Huygens-Fresnel Principle
Some Effects of Equalisation on Sound System Intelligibility & Measurement
Lossless Compression for Audio Data in the IEEE Floating-Point Format
Optimum Quantization of Flattened MDCT Coefficients
Low Frequency Optimisation and Non-bass Masking Effects for Sound Field Re-creation
An Information-Theoretic Model for Audio Watermarking
Watermark Insertion Into MP3 Bitstream Using the Linbits Characteristics
Perceptual Convolution for Reverberation
Advances in Trellis Based SDM Structures
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