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Object-Based Sound Source Modeling for Musical Signals
Block Floating-Point FIR Filters Using a Fixed-Point Multiplier
Advanced Watermarking and Its Applications
Speeding Up HILN-MPEG-4 Parametric Audio Encoding with Reduced Complexity
Energy Compaction Property of the MDCT in Comparison with Other Transforms
Unique Directional Properties of Dual-Diaphragm Microphones
A Display Technique for Evaluating the Disturbance of Microphone Response Patterns
Add-On Microflown for a High-End Pressure-Gradient Microphone
The Influence of Viscothermal Effects on Calibration Measurements in a Tube
Virtual Loudspeaker Rendering for Multiple Listeners
A Method for Orthogonal Amplitude and Delay Processing of Subjective Listening Test Material
Analysis and Simulation of Analogue Dynamic Compressors and Limiters in the Digital Domain
Towards the Automatic Generation of Sound Synthesis Techniques: Preparatory Steps
The Modeling and Synthesis of Musical Signals with PRISM
Why Professional 1-Bit Sigma-Delta Conversion is a Bad Idea
Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Sound Spatialisation Using Pair-Wise Loudspeakers with Cross-Talk Cancellation
C-8 A 117-dB D-Range Current-Mode Multi-Bit Audio DAC for PCM and DSD Audio Playback
An Asynchronous Sample-Rate Converter with 120-dB THD+N Supporting Sample Rates Up to 192 kHz
Current-Steering Transimpedance Amplifiers for High-Resolution Digital-to-Analogue Converters
Integral Noise Shaping for Quantization of Pulse-Width Modulation
Prediction Correction Algorithm for Natural Pulse-Width Modulation
A Hybridized, High Performance, Compact PWM Amplifier for Audio
Optimized Modulation Scheme Eliminates Output Filter
A Novel Audio Power Amplifier Topology with High Efficiency and State-of-the-Art Performance
Computationally Efficient Conversion from Pulse-Code Modulation to Naturally Sampled Pulse-Width Modulation
Quantification of Subwoofer Requirements, Part II: The Influence of Lower System Cut-Off Frequency and Slope and Pass-Band Amplitude and Group Delay Ripple
Design of High-Quality Studio Loudspeakers Using Digital Correction Techniques
The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms-The Stereo Past and the Multichannel Future
Perceptual Soundfield Reconstruction
Power Improvement in Crosstalk Cancellation Using Psychoacoustic Frequency Masking
Elevated Speakers Image Correction Using 3-D Audio Processing
Perceptual Study of Decay Parameters in Plucked String Synthesis
Correlation between Emotive, Descriptive and Naturalness Attributes in Subjective Data Relating to Spatial Sound Reproduction
A Speech-Based Auditory Distance Display
Aural Exciter and Loudness Maximizer: What's Psychoacoustic about -Psychoacoustic Processors?-
Magnitude Estimation of Sound Source Speed
Loudspeaker Acoustical Field Calculations with Application to Directional Response Measurement
Improved Loudspeaker Array Modeling-Part 2
Optimization of Bandpass and Transmission-Line Loudspeakers
Vibration Behaviour of Single-Suspension Electrodynamic Loudspeakers
Horn's Directivity Related to the Pressure Distribution at Their Mouth
Measurement and Simulation Results Comparing the Acoustics of Various Direct Radiators in the Presence of a Dominant Specular Reflection
The Application of Broadband Constant Beamwidth Transducer (CBT) Theory to Loudspeaker Arrays
Distributed Mode Loudspeaker Resonance Structures
Spatial Acoustic Mode Shapes of the Human Pinna
Robustness of Acoustic Crosstalk Cancellation as a Function of Frequency and Loudspeaker Separation
High-Accuracy Wide-Bandwidth Automated Loudspeaker Modeling Using Finite-Element Analysis
A New Approach to Speaker/Room Equalization
Development of a Piezo-Electric Super Tweeter Suitable for DVD-Audio
Differential-Algebraic Equations Governing Nonlinear Transducer Networks
Multidimensional Perceptual Unfolding of Spatially Processed Speech I: Deriving Stimulus Space Using INDSCAL
Verbal and Non-Verbal Elicitation Techniques in the Subjective Assessment of Spatial Sound Reproduction
The Influence of Loudspeaker Type on Timbre Perception
Immersive Sound Rendering Using Laser-Based Tracking
Psychoacoustic Models and Non-Linear Human Hearing
Perception-Based Room Rendering for Auditory Scenes
Synthesis of Room Impulse Response Based on the Discrete Wavelet Transform
Compound of Objective and Subjective Investigation Aimed at Acoustical Amelioration of a Playhouse
The Effect of Room Acoustics on Subwoofer Performance and Level Setting
Predictability of a Room Impulse Response
Measures to Avoid the Transmissions of Structure-Borne Sound: Sound Sources Next to Studios
Double Wall and Double Floor Constructions for Obtaining the Permitted Noise Levels in Studios
Noise Levels of Microphones for High-Quality Recordings-Are Our Studios Good Enough?
Architectural Acoustic Design of a Sound Effect Studio for Multi-Channel Recording
An Inter-Channel Redundancy Removal Approach for High-Quality Multichannel Audio Compression
Conversion of Two-Channel Stereo for Presentation by Three Frontal Loudspeakers
Equalization for Central Phantom Images and Dependence on Loudspeaker Spacing: Reformatting from Three Loudspeakers to Two Loudspeakers
Multichannel Level Alignment, Part IV: The Correlation between Physical Measures and Subjective Level Calibration
Surround Sound Mixing Using Rotation, Stereo Width, and Distance Pan Pots
Enhanced Localization in 5.1 Production
Investigating the Potential of Omnidirectional Mic Arrays in the Reproduction of Surround Sound
Interactive Multichannel Sound Reproduction Linked with VRML Graphics
A 1394-Based Architecture for Professional Audio Production
Controlling Audio Systems with ActiveX Controls over CobraNet and Other Ethernet-Based Networks
Transporting Audio Signals on Category 5 UTP
A PC-Based Graphic User Interface and Control Engine for an Audio Processing System
Transport of Context-Based Information in Digital Audio Data
0 dB FS + Levels in Digital Mastering
A Novel Noise Suppression Algorithm Using a Very Small Microphone Array
The Design of VALDEMAR-An Artificial Head for Binaural Recording Purposes
Prediction-Based Audio Watermark Detection Algorithm
On-the-Fly Multi-Track Mixing
Analysis of Decompressed Audio-The -Inverse Decoder-
A Dynamic Embedding Codec for Multiple Generations Compression
Cyclostationarity-Based Audio Watermarking with Private and Public Hidden Data
Backward Compatible Enhancement of DTS Multi-Channel Audio Coding That Delivers 96-kHz/24-Bit Audio Quality
PESQ-The New ITU Standard for End-to-End Speech Quality Assessment
Diagnosis and Remedy of Nonlinearities in Electrodynamical Transducers
Coherence-Based, Wide-Band, Signal-to-Distortion Ratio versus Total Harmonic Distortion of Slightly Non-Linear Audio Systems
The Accuracy of Loudspeaker Array Sound Field Predictions Using Low-Resolution 1/3-Octave, 5Y Polar Data
Measuring the Head-Related Transfer Functions of an Artificial Head with a High-Directional Resolution
Testing Loudspeakers with Wavelets
The Development of a Car Sound Field Measurement System Using Compact PC
Modeling and Measurement of Cross-Talk Cancellation Zones for Small Displacements of the Listener in Transaural Sound Reproduction with Different Loudspeaker Arrangements
Measuring Acoustic Noise Emitted by Power Transformers
Windnoise Measurement Using Real Wind
Implementation of MPEG-4 Audio Components on Various Platforms
Error Resilient Source Coding with Variable Length Codes and Its Application to MPEG Advanced Audio Coding
Dynamic Allocation of Bits Based on Perceptual Entropy in Perceptual Audio Coding Systems
Optimal Prediction in Scalable Coding of Stereophonic Audio
Perceptual Audio Coding Using a Time-Varying Linear Pre- and Post-Filter
Analyzing the Performance of Lossless Coding Techniques Used in Audio Coders
Automotive Audio Design (A Tutorial)
APLODSP, Design of Customizable Audio Processors for Loudspeaker System Compensation by DSP
Experimental Validation of Equalizing Filters for Car Cockpits Designed with Warping Techniques
Design of Acoustic Lever Loudspeaker Systems, Part One
Improving Access to Digital Video Archives through Informedia Technology
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