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Conference Opening Remarks
Digital Audio Tutorial
An Historical Overview of the Development of PCM/Digital Recording Technology at Denon
State of the Art and Trends in Basic Technology
Magnetic Recording of Digital Audio
Optical Recording Technology: Can Optical Disks be Applicable to Digital Audio Workstations?
Micros and Memories in Digital Audio
Conversion Techniques and Performance Evaluation
Human Auditory Capabilities and Their Consequences on Digital-Audio Converter Design
An IC Chip Set for 20 Bit A/D Conversion
Testing 20 Bit Audio Digital-to-Analog Converters
A Dual Monolithic 18-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter for Digital Audio Applications
Digital Dither: Processing with Resolution Far Below the Least Significant Bit
The Next Step Towards Ideal A/D and D/A Converters
Testing Digital Audio Devices in the Digital Domain
Professional Digital Audio
A Benchmark for Digital Audio in the Real World of 1989
Digital Audio Recorders
Multi-Channel Recording on Winchester Disks: Improving the Channel/Minute Ratio
A Professional DAT System
Stationary-Head Digital Recording: Progress and Directions
Digital Signal Processing: Theory and Applications
Digital Signal Processing in Audio
The Implementation of Digital Filters for High Fidelity Audio
Digital FIR Filters for Loudspeaker Crossover Networks II: Implementation Example
Practical Processors and Programs for Digital Reverberation
Digital Dither in Music and Sound Synthesis
Low Bit-Rate Coding of High Quality Digital Audio: Algorithms and Evaluation of Quality
Consumer Digital Audio
A Magneto-Optical Disk Digital Audio Recorder
Sony Digital Signal Processing
Reproducing Architectural Acoustical Effects Using Digital Soundfield Processing
A Compressed Digital Audio Transmission System
Digital Studio Design and Practice
Synchronization of Digital Audio
The MADI Format: Applications and Implementation in the Digital Studio
Communications in the Digital Audio Studio
Timecode and Synchronization Issues for a Random Access Audio Recording Environment
Hardware and Software Interface Designs for Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)
Integration in the Digital Audio Studio
Digital Signal Processing: Architecture and Music Applications
Dynamic Modeling of Vibrating Structures for Sound Synthesis, Modal Synthesis
Sound and Music on the NeXT Computer
VLSI Architectures for Digital Audio Signal Processing
Multiprocessor DSP Architectures and Implications for Software
Using Multiple Processors for Real-Time Audio Effects
Experiences with the AT&T DSP32 Digital Signal Processor in Digital Audio Applications
Digital Audio in Film and Broadcasting
Digital Audio Applications in Radio Broadcasting
Feasibility of Digital Sound on Motion Picture Film
Digital Sound Post Production for Television and Theatrical
Transmission Suite for Digital Broadcasting
A Sound Reproduction System and Transmission System for HDTV
Digital Audio for Video Production and Post-Production
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