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Integrating "Audio for Games" Into the Modern Audio Production Curriculum
Audio Air Hockey: A Pilot Study in Using Audio-Based Games for the Measurement of Loudspeaker Placement Preferences for Smart Tables
An Online Platform for Interactive Soundscapes with User-Contributed Audio Content
Server-Based Pitch Detection for Web Applications
Language Scrambling for In-Game Voice-Chat Applications
Scattering Delay Network: An Interactive Reverberator for Computer Games
GPU-Based Acoustical Diffraction Modeling for Complex Virtual Reality and Gaming Environments
OpenAIR: An Online Auralization Resource with Applications for Game Audio Development
Music from the Environment: Perception of Music Created from Sounds of a Video Game Environment
Surround Sound with Height in Games Using Dolby Pro Logic IIz
A Perspective on the Adoption of Ambisonics for Games
Synchronizing Auditory and Visual Sensation in Computer-Simulated Environments
Application of HRIR Factorization to Game Audio
Audio Transformation Technologies Applied to Video Games
Providing an Immersive Gaming Experience Using Wireless Low-Latency Coded Audio Streaming
Location-Aware Interactive Game Audio
Sound Effects Processing and Manipulation with Wavelet Packet Transform
Granulation of Sound in Video Games
On the Perception of Dynamic Sound Sources in Ambisonic Binaural Renderings
UGen++ —An Audio Library: Teaching Game Audio Design and Programming
Songs2See: Learn to Play by Playing
Visualizing and Controlling Sound with Graphical Interfaces
Multiplatform Audio Game
GSound: Interactive Sound Propagation for Games
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