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HML Lecturers


Roger Lagadec, 1999 September 25, AES 107th Convention, New York, NY, USA

James A. Moorer, 2000 February 21, AES 108th Convention, Paris, France

Alan C. Kay, 2000 September 24, AES 109th Convention, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Per Brüel, 2001 May 13, AES 110th Convention, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Manfred Schroeder, 2001 December 2, AES 111th Convention, New York, NY, USA

Ray Dolby, 2002 May 11, AES 112th Convention, Munich, Germany

Jim West, 2002 October 7, AES 113th Convention, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Jens Blauert, 2003 March 23, AES 114th Convention, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ray Kurzweil, 2003 October 11, AES 115th Convention, New York, NY, USA

Kees Schouhamer Immink, 2004 May 9, AES 116th Convention, Berlin, Germany

Walter Murch, 2004 October 30, AES 117th Convention, San Francisco, CA, USA

Stanley P. Lipshitz, 2005 May 29, AES 118th Convention, Barcelona, Spain

Jozef J. Zwislocki, 2005 October 8, AES 119th Convention, New York, NY, USA

James L. Flanagan, 2006 May 21, AES 120th Convention, Paris, France

Julius O. Smith III, 2006 October 6, AES 121st Convention, San Francisco, CA, USA

Gerhard Steinke, 2007 May 6, AES 122nd Convention, Vienna, Austria

Leo Beranek, 2007 October 6, AES 123rd Convention, New York, NY, USA

A.J. (Guus) Berkhout, 2008 May 18, AES 124th Convention, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Floyd E. Toole, 2008 October 3, AES 125th Convention, San Francisco, CA, USA

Gunnar Rasmussen, 2009 May 7, AES 126th Convention, Munich, Germany

Phil Ramone, 2009 October 11, AES 127th Convention, New York, NY, USA

Brian C. J. Moore, 2010 May 23, AES 128th Convention, London, UK

Ben Burtt, 2010 November 5, AES 129th Convention, San Francisco, CA, USA

Karlheinz Brandenburg, 2011 May 14, AES 130th Convention, London, UK

John Atkinson, 2011 October 21, AES 131st Convention, New York, NY, USA

Graham Blyth, 2012, April 28, AES 132nd Convention, Budapest, Hungary

James "JJ" Johnston, 2012, October 27, AES 133rd Convention, San Francisco, USA

Wolfgang Klippel, 2013, May 4, AES 134th Convention, Rome, Italy

George Massenburg, 2013, October 17, New York, USA

Dietrich Schüller, 2014, April 26, Berlin, Germany

Marty O'Donnell, 2014, October 10, Los Angeles, USA

Ilpo Martikainen, 2015, May 9, Warsaw, Poland

Bruce Koenig, 2015, October 29, New York, USA

Rozenn Nicol, 2016, June 4, Paris, France

Dave Smith, 2016, September 29, Los Angeles, USA

Jörg Sennheiser, 2017, May 21, Berlin, Germany

Leslie Ann Jones, 2017, Oct 18, New York, NY, USA

Malcolm Hawksford, 2018, May 24, Milan, Italy

John Meyer, 2018, October 19, New York, NY, USA

David Griesinger, 2019, March 21, Dublin, Ireland

Louis D. Fielder, 2019, October 17, New York, NY, USA

Francis Rumsey, 2020, June 2, (Vienna), AT - VIRTUAL ONLINE

John M. Chowning, 2020, October 27, (New York), - VIRTUAL ONLINE

Diana Deutsch, 2021, May 27, (Amsterdam), - VIRTUAL ONLINE

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