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Time Delay Spectrometry: An Anthology

An anthology of the works of Richard C. Heyser on measurement, analysis and perception

On the advice of the Technical Council, the AES has decided to make this anthology available on an Open Access basis, in order to disseminate the work of Richard Heyser as widely as possible.

Download a PDF of the entire anthology. (PDF, approx. 57 Mbytes)

This anthology consists of 32 writings on TDS audio. Of the works known to exist, only those clearly redundant— for example, a preprint that later became a JAES article— are not included. Three of the writings are, in actuality, authors’ replies to comments on papers previously published in the Journal. For the sake of clarity, the comments are also published here...

...An anthology can be organized in several ways. Since so many of Dick’s articles are interrelated, I have chosen to present them chronologically. This is intended to facilitate the study of readers interested in the historical perspective— the evolvement of the technique and its ramifications— and to present no great hindrance to those wishing to explore specific aspects of TDS. The bibliography, which covers Dick's known works and related writings, has been divided into major subject categories and is chronological within those categories.

Extracted from the preface written by Guest Editor, John Prohs, 1988


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