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SDA meeting

The Student Delegate Assembly (SDA) is led by four AES student members, elected by their peers to represent over 4000 AES student members around the world. There are two regions, North/Latin America, and Europe/International, and each region is represented by a chair and vice chair. Elections take place at the SDA-2 meeting at the American and European conventions, and the Chair of the AES Education Committee oversees and advises on the activities of the SDA.

Although Officers of the Student Delegate Assembly are volunteers, they have very important jobs that require a time commitment similar to that of a part-time job. SDA Officers answer student’s questions, help plan, organise, and run student events at conventions, and represent student members to the AES.

The SDA aims to promote communications between student sections and members in many ways. For example, the Student Blog was made for you, the AES student members, to promote better communication between your sections and keep you up-to-date on educational events and activities all year round. We strongly encourage you to dive into the student community to share and discuss your ideas with AES student members from around the world. You are the future of the audio industry and we feel it is our job to give you the tools to reach your goals.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Student Delegate Assembly (SDA) with your questions and suggestions. We are here to represent you! So now don’t waste another minute, thoroughly explore the website and discover all of the resources that are available through your involvement with the AES.

Find out more about current and former SDA officers.

Want to join this team? Run in the election at the upcoming Convention! 

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