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Procedure and candidates for new Vice-chair of SDA

Every convention the AES Student Delegate Assembly elects a new Vice-chair depending on the region the convention is taking place. So in Europe, the new Vice-Chair for Europe and International Regions is elected and in the US - Vice-Chair for North and Latin American Regions.

Interested in joining the SDA? Please, take a look at this note from former SDA Chair, Brecht De Man,  about his experience with the SDA and Officer's responsibilities:

All AES Student Members interested in applying for an SDA Officer position must email the SDA at [email protected] a brief bio about yourself. Please, take a look at former candidates bios as they are posted below. Candidates must send their submission prior to the deadline set up by the current SDA board and attend the corresponding convention in person. At the SDA-1 meeting on the first day of the convention, you will be asked to introduce yourself and present your candidacy with a short (1 minute) speech introducing yourself. During the SDA-2 meeting on the last day of the convention, the candidates will speak for 2-3 minutes to state their case for being the next SDA Vice-Chair. After, students will elect the new vice-chair by way of a ballot. There will only be one vote per section. 

Any questions about submitting your candidacy, please email [email protected].











 AES 147th convention candidates - North and Latin America representatives

Alejandro Reyes

Hi, my name is Alejandro Reyes and I am running for Vice-chair for North and Latin American Regions. I’m a junior Electrical Engineering student at the University of Florida and current Vice President of our AES student section, where I’m trying to position it in the radar of Audio related companies. I decided to start studying Electrical Engineering after years of experience during my teenage years when I used to configure PA systems for theaters and conventions, as well as DJ for different events. I got involved deeply in the electronic dance movement in Rome, Italy, where I’m from, where I used to promote House and Techno events in central Italy, until I decided to move to Boston and Miami to improve my managerial skills. While living in Miami I decided to enroll in community college where I started my academic journey. I have a good experience in connecting people with common interests and in organizing big events. I’d like to increase the development of DIY audio events where not only engineering students, but musicians as well can learn about what makes a sound so special and the technology behind a great record. Therefore, I believe that with my multicultural background and leadership skills I can be the right Vice-Chair to help coordinate events and develop the AES student delegate assembly.


Ricardo Morejón

Ricardo Morejón is an Audio Engineer from Ecuador, currently studying and living in Montréal, Canada. He started his career after his studies in Ecuador in 2015 as a Production and Recording Assistant Engineer for different recording studios in Ecuador while freelancing as a Sound Engineer for independent short-films, documentaries, live sound, sound design for theatre and other emerging performative projects that involved sound and music.

In Montreal, he freelances as a recording and live sound engineer for musical projects. Working in such a diverse and creative industry has always inspired him to learn from different artistic perspectives and value the richness of team work and creative professional environments. Being part of the AES’s community is for him a great opportunity to get inspired, learn and connect with similar minded students, professionals and musicians. Inspiring others to reach out and be actively involved is part of sharing the fortune of being an audio student nowadays.

Jean Pierre Garcia

My name is Jean Pierre Garcia and I would like to participate in the upcoming SDA election for new vice-chair in New York. I am in my last year of sound and acoustic engineering in Universidad de las Americas. I truly believe in the different ways sound can affect our daily live, that's why I am running an investigation about: How noise affects the human taste, in different foods. This investigation has not only been a challenge but also help me understand new technologies, and new ways of implement my knowledge of sound and acoustic in other fields. As an AES member, I founded my student section in UDLA that now has more than 35 active members, and it's the largest section in my country. I have been involved in the foundation of the regional section too (AES Ecuador). I know how hard it is organice events and get people involved, but that never stop my student section, and this year in the Latin American convention in Peru (LAC 2019) we won 3 of 5 different categories. As a member of the student board I represent my student section in University reunions or sponsors meeting, always trying to help my student section to achieve their goals. I always want to help students reach their full potential, so one day I would like to become an audio Educator, and I think the first step is to become an SDA Member. I am reliable and dedicated but mostly I am an audio freak, eager to meet people who share the same passion as me.

Morgan Volk

Morgan Volk is from Hurley, NY and has grew up taking clarinet and guitar lessons, leading her to an interest in audio engineering. She developed an interest for audio in high school, especially live sound. While taking lessons as a young musician, focusing on her clarinet playing which lead her to Ithaca College. Morgan is a Sound Recording Technology student at Ithaca College, where under the guidance of her professors and other students she has learned and grown so much as an audio engineer. She is constantly inspired and pushed by her professors and her peers, as they all make her want to be a better engineer, person, and teacher. The Ithaca College Audio Engineering Society Student Chapter has introduced her to many new opportunities. She is serving her second term as Treasurer for the Ithaca College AES Chapter. She is also an advocate for equality in the audio field, finding a deep passion for equality for women and underrepresented voices in the audio field. She is interested in both the studio and live sound aspects of being an audio engineer, especially after working with a live sound company based out of Ithaca, NY this past summer.

Hannah Gallop 

I am Hannah Gallop from Saint Louis, Missouri. I’m currently a senior at Webster University and am the President of my student section. Some may know me from my position as Presenter’s Chair last year. I hope to bring good changes to the Student Delegation Assembly based on student needs. Thank you for considering me! 


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