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Future and current students need the chance to study audio in the Educational Program best-aligned with their interests, abilities, location, funds, studies to date, and profesional aspirations, so the AES maintains an online directory of educational institutions worldwide. You'll see the directory is vast, and the Programs are diverse. You'll find courses of study for every level, in every field. You can learn to design and invent new tools for audio, or develop the skills to apply the tools with technical facility and creative success. You'll find the place to help you begin a career in audio, or to help you navigate a change of career in audio. It's daunting at first, but click around and you'll find the program that suits your needs.  The AES does not endorse any particular courses of study listed here and will never make recommendations to students toward any Program. Ultimately, it's a personal decision that you must make through thoughtful research and dialog with the institutions that you find most appealing. It is hoped this directory provides an objective launching point for this important decision-making process. Best of luck.


We rely on you to make sure this information is complete and accurate. Check your institution's listings and update as required. Our goal is to provide factual information without endorsement from the Audio Engineering Society so that members and visitors may make their own informed decisions about the course of study that is right for them. As a result, we adhere to a standardized format. The Chair of the Education Committee welcomes suggestions at anytime for ways this directory might be enhanced without slipping into subjective assessments of Programs. Thank you for keeping your institution's listing accurate and current.


In publishing this Education Directory, the AES makes no recommendation for specific courses of study. The AES is not an accrediting body. The AES offers this directory as an information resource for those wishing to find out more about what courses are available. For the information contained here, the AES relies on responses obtained from the organizations concerned. Any absence of information on a program indicates a lack of information from the organization only and does not represent any value judgement of the institution.

Alex U. Case
Maintainer of the AES Education Directory

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