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Education FAQs (Common Questions)

Please review this list of frequently asked questions before emailing us. Due to the large amount of emails we receive under education, questions on this list will not be answered on an individual basis.


Q: Does the AES provide information on audio/sound educational institutions and recommendations for which programs to attend?

A: The AES only provides a list of audio-related educational institutions that have applied to be included on our website. We do not maintain information regarding the details of application procedures or acceptance requirements for specific schools or programs.

In order to find the information you're looking for, you will have to contact specific schools directly, since we cannot provide you with this info. Some of these schools can be found in the list at However, this should not be considered to be a complete list of all institutions.

We hope that the directory of educational programs at helps in your search, but regret that we cannot provide you with more detailed information.


Q: Does the AES offer or have any type of training programs available?

A: The AES itself does not offer any specific training programs. A wide variety of tutorials and workshops are given at AES conventions. Smaller, more specific conferences are held in different countries throughout the year. Regional sections offer a wide variety of lectures and seminars. No accredited courses are offered through the AES at this time. For more information about conventions and conferences visit


Q: Does the AES offer Educational grants?

A: Grants are available through the Audio Engineering Society Educational Foundation. A list of required criteria and application procedures are available at Make sure to read their list of frequently asked questions before sending in any new questions.


Q: How do I become a student member of AES?

A: To become a student member of AES, you will find an online application form at The student membership fee is $50 US. This entitles you to a reduced registration rate at conventions and gives you free E-Library access plus online access to the AES Journal. If you wish to receive a printed copy of the AES Journal, the membership fee is $125.


Q: How do I start a student section?

A: To start a student section of the AES simply contact the Vice President for your region. There are eight international regions, each with a VP. To find the region you are in visit Contact information for the VP is available by simply clicking on the preferred region.


Q: How do I update the committee or contact information for a student section?

A: You should find out the member numbers of everyone on the committee and then fill out this form.


Q: Does the AES provide a job listing?

A: Yes - our sustaining member companies regularly post openings to the AES Job Board: Other companies also sometimes publish jobs in the AES Journal:

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