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Q & A for AES Educational Foundation Grant Applicants

This Question and Answer document will assist the AES Foundation Scholarship applicant to better understand the application process. Please read before submitting the grant application or emailing questions to AES.

  • How do I apply for an Educational Foundation Grant?

Please visit for information and an application form.

  • Who qualifies for a Foundation Graduate Studies Grant?

Any student participating in a graduate program in audio or related subjects who is a current AES member. Please refer to the Foundation website for specifics.

  • Who Qualifies for a Mary Lea Simpson Memorial Scholarship?

Any North American college senior who is a current AES member and who meets the criteria described in our website.

  • Do I have to be a member of the Audio Engineering Society to apply?

Yes, you must be a member in good standing of the AES. (All grades of membership qualify, including student membership.) Please include your member number on the application form so that we can verify your membership status. You can locate your member number by logging in here and clicking on "Membership Information".

  • When can I apply for an AES Foundation Grant?

Online applications may be submitted to AES from March 15 through May 15 for graduate studies grants, and from March 15 through May 15 for the Mary Lea Simpson Scholarship.

  • How do I apply for the Ilpo Martikainen and other named Scholarships?

All students apply for a general graduate grant. The Scholarship Committee selects the student who best fits the description of each named scholarship.

  • Are scholarships for full tuition?

Graduate studies grants are generally in the two to five thousand dollar range. Only the Mary Lea Simpson Scholarship offers tuition remission for the senior undergraduate year.

  • Who qualifies to submit the three required references?

Two from a major professor or academic advisor, and one from a non-educator, a distinguished professional in the field, etc.

  • Can a Grant be renewed for a second year?

For the Graduate Studies Grant, yes, if you are continuing graduate studies. You must also submit an application for the renewal. Follow the form, some questions are not required for renewal.

  • Do you accept CDs and DVDs of student productions?

No, not for the Graduate Studies Grants. The Mary Lea Simpson Scholarship requires a three minute recording and a two minute video description.

  • Can I attend a different college if I’ve received a grant?

Yes, you may request a change of program by notifying the AES Foundation.

  • Can I apply for a grant for graduate studies in acoustics?

Yes for the Graduate Studies Grant, this is a related subject.

  • Can I apply for a grant for a bachelor’s degree in audio?

Grants for Graduate Studies are exclusively for graduate studies. The Mary Lea Simpson Scholarship applicants must be undergraduate seniors in their final year of studies.

  • Can I apply for a grant to attend an event, or complete a production?

No, grants are for educational studies.

  • I have further supporting materials for my grant application, should I re-submit?

Yes, additional materials may be submitted before the deadline.

  • Are grants available for part-time students?

No, grants are only for full-time students.

  • How exactly is audio commitment demonstrated?

Your application is reviewed by our directors who have professional backgrounds in audio and academia. They will assess your ability to significantly contribute to the audio industry.

  • Is the AES Foundation Scholarship good for each semester in a school year?

No. The Graduate Studies Grant is for one academic year, beginning with the first semester. You may defer to the second semester.

  • Is the $2000 to $5000 stipend in addition to a Graduate Studies Grant?

No, there is just one grant awarded.

  • Does receiving a scholarship obligate me in any way?

You must complete the year for which the scholarship is given. We also hope that you will contribute to our industry and help other students in the future.

  • How will I be notified if I did or did not receive a scholarship?

You will receive an email before August 1st.

  • Can the check be sent to my personal bank account?

No, the check will be mailed directly to your institution, to the contact you supply.

  • To which address do I send my college contact information?

An email address will be supplied with your award information.

  • Can the grant be used to purchase personal items?

Graduate Studies Grants may be used for tuition and expenses such as room, board, books, fees, etc., only if paid through your university account.

The Mary Lea Simpson Scholarship is only for tuition.

  • Can I begin my graduate studies during the 2nd semester of the year?

Yes, if the AES Foundation is notified.

  • Can I re-apply next year if I am rejected this year?

Yes, re-applications are accepted during the application period if all criteria are met.

  • Can you tell me what I can do to be successful in my grant application next time?

Scholarships are on a competitive basis. Chances may be improved with proof of your success in your studies and professional activities.

  • Which colleges offer audio programs?

Please refer to for a full listing of colleges.

  • Which colleges in the AES Educational Directory offer scholarships?

The AES Foundation does not coordinate non-Foundation scholarships.

  • Do you have any questions that weren't answered above?

Send us an email.

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