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AES Standards bring the industry's engineering teams together to ensure peak performance and interoperability. AES3 (2-channel digital audio), AES10 (MADI), AES14 (analog XLR pin-out) — AES Standards have improved your workflow, and saved your production, more times than you realize.

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Latest Publications

AES-X238 NEW Call for Comment on Media Network Directory Requirements
AES-R17-2017 NEW Report on AES67 Interoperability PlugFest, London 2017
AES-R16-2016 Report on PTP parameters for AES67 and SMPTE ST 2059-2 interoperability
AES31-4-2015 XML Implementation of Audio Edit Decision Lists
AES70-2015 Audio applications of networks - Open Control Architecture (3 parts)
AES-R15-2015 Report on AES67 Interoperability PlugFest, Washington 2015
AES67-2015 Networks, Audio-over-IP interoperability, Revised
AES17-2015 Measurement of digital audio equipment, Revised
AES69-2015 Spatial acoustic data file format
AES-R12-2014 Report on AES67 Interoperability PlugFest, Munich 2014
AES68-2014 XL Connectors to Improve EMC
AES67-2013 Networks, Audio-over-IP interoperability
AES66-2012 Miniature XLR-type polarity and gender
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