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Upcoming meetings

AES standards meetings will be scheduled in conjunction with the AES 138th Convention in Warsaw, Poland, 7 to 10 May 2015.

Meeting information and reports from previous meetings are posted here.

Most meetings are open to all eligible to join working groups

Latest publications

AES67-2013 Networks, Audio-over-IP interoperability
AES66-2012 Miniature XLR-type polarity and gender
AES65-2012 Connector for surround microphones
AES2-2012 Revised Measuring the performance of loudspeakers - Drive units
AES-1id-2012 Revised Plane-wave tubes - Design and practice
AES31-2-2012 Revised Audio file format for interchange
AES55-2012 Revised MPEG Surround in an AES3 bitstream
AES64-2012 Networks: Command, control, and connection management
AES-2id-2012 Revised Guidelines for the AES3 interface
AES59-2012 25-way D-type connectors in balanced circuits
AES63-2012 Data connector in an XLR connector shell
AES41-1-2012 Revised Audio-embedded metadata - Part 1: General
AES41-2-2012 Revised Audio-embedded metadata - Part 2: MPEG-1 Layer II or MPEG-2 LSF Layer II
AES41-3-2012 Audio-embedded metadata - Part 3: AAC & HE-AAC
AES41-4-2012 Audio-embedded metadata - Part 4: Dolby E
AES41-5-2012 Audio-embedded metadata - Part 5: EBU loudness, true-peak, and downmix
AES62-2011 Modified XL3 Connector for Digital Audio
AES60-2011 Core audio metadata
AES57-2011 Metadata - Audio object structures for preservation and restoration
AES50-2011 Revised High-resolution multi-channel audio interconnection (HRMAI)
AES-R6-2011 Revised Guidelines for AES50
AES-21id-2011 High-resolution audio on Blu-ray Disc™

MORE ...

Technical standards are continually being developed under the auspices of the society. Many of them have since been accepted by international standards organizations as the model for their standards on the same material. This activity helps to keep the AES and its members at the technological forefront of the audio industry.

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