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AES31-3-2020 has been published, revised version of AES31-3-2008

This standard provides a convention for expressing edit data in text form in a manner that enables simple and accurate computer parsing while retaining human readability. It also describes a method for expressing time-code information in character notation. It supports common professional audio sampling frequencies, video frame rates, and film framing. This document addresses the core need of the AES31 series of standards in providing a simple but extensible system for passing audio material between systems. 

The SMPTE Universal Label identified in Annex F.2 was provided by SMPTE as a Leaf in the metadata dictionary for 'Audio edit decision list (ADL) defined in AES31-3'.  Also defined is a Node in the metadata dictionary for 'File exchange metadata defined in AES standards'. This means that further file-exchange labels can be generated more easily in the future.


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Posted: Tuesday, December 22, 2020

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