AES70-2015 AES standard for audio applications of networks - Open Control Architecture, has been published in three parts.

AES70 defines a scalable control-protocol architecture for professional media networks. AES70 addresses device control and monitoring only; it does not define standards for streaming media transport. However, the Open Control Architecture (OCA) is intended to cooperate with various media transport architectures. 

Part 1: Framework describes the models and mechanisms of the AES70 Open Control Architecture. These models and mechanisms together form the AES70 Framework. This document should be read together with Part 2, Class Structure and Part 3, TCP/IP communications protocol.

Part 2: Class structure specifies the control class structure for AES70 that defines the AES70's control and monitoring functional capabilities and should be read in conjunction with Part 1, Framework, and Part 3, TCP/IP communications protocol. 

Part 3: Protocol for TCP/IP Networks specifies a protocol implementation for TCP/IP networks. It should be read in conjunction with Part 1, Framework, and Part 2, Class Tree. 

To obtain copies of this standard, go to and search using "AES70", or go directly to:

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Posted: Saturday, January 2, 2016

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