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AES74 Conformance Questionnaire has been published

The AES has launched a survey on AES74 Conformance.  This survey will assess the conformance of various media network directory schemes with AES74, the recently-published AES standard that sets forth technical requirements for media network directories and related services.

The survey is based on a downloadable questionnaire that may be filled out by proponents of directory schemes, by AES standards workers, or by a collaboration of the two. 

The completed questionnaires will be collated and summarized by AES standards workers.  Survey conclusions will be published in an AES Report.  AES Reports are non-normative documents that provide information.

The survey will not evaluate, review, or compare directory schemes or their implementations.  It will simply report on the AES74 conformance of each.

The results will be of interest to network media equipment manufacturers, to media system designers, and to media company technical architects and strategists.

Proponents of all media network directory schemes, whether public or proprietary, are encouraged to download and complete the survey instrument and forward the results to the AES according to the instructions given in the document. 

If you make, use, or know of a directory scheme that should be included, please email [email protected].

The AES Standards Committee has identified a list of well-known directory schemes it believes should be represented in the survey.  Members of AES Standards Task Group AES-SC-02-12-N will be explicitly contacting the owners of these schemes to ensure their representation in the final report.

The closing date for completed questionnaire submission is  February 28, 2021.

View / Download the questionnaire

Posted: Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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