Technical Program

Special Events
Co-Chairs: John Krivit, Lisa Roy

  • Opening Ceremonies: Awards and Keynote
  • Lunchtime Keynotes
  • Heyser Memorial Lecture
  • and more…

Acoustics & Psychoacoustics
Chair: Alex Case
Presenters Include: Ronald Ajemian, Cesar Lamschtein, Jan Berg, Eddy Brixen, Pablo Delgado, Malle Kaas, Yuvi Kahana, Bob Katz, Thomas Lund, Gerald Schuller, Thomas Sporer and Scott Sugden

  • How to Organize Unbiased PA/SR Shoot-outs
  • Listening Tests - Understanding the Basic Concepts
  • Shame on Us: Phase is Not Polarity!
  • Optical/Fiber Optic Microphone: When and Why should I consider using an optical microphone?
  • Digital Filters, Filter Banks and Their Design for Audio Applications - With Python Examples
  • To PEAQ or not to PEAQ? - BS.1387 revisited

Archiving & Restoration
Chair: Jessica Thompson
Presenters Include: Jason Bitner, Michael Graves, John Krivit, Brad McCoy, Sommer McCoy, Catherine Vericolli, Jeff Willens, Jett Williams

  • You Mean You Wanted Those Tracks??: The Challenges of Preserving Multitrack Recordings
  • Metadata from Creation to Consumption to Preservation
  • Restoring Hank Williams
  • Preserving Hip Hop
  • Archiving the 90s!
  • Find Funding: How To Connect Archival Audio Collections and Funders
  • Trifecta: Collections, Vendors, Funding – Making Connections
  • Preserve This Podcast

Audio Builders Workshop
Chair: Owen Curtin
Presenters Include: Owen Curtin, Chris Kincaid

  • Reviving Classic and Esoteric Tech
  • Custom Consoles / Power and Grounding
  • Inside a DIY Circuit
  • Classroom DIY Projects
  • Project to Product
  • DIY Build Clinic 1: DIY Recording Equipment
  • DIY Build Clinic 2: Audio Builders Workshop Metronome
  • DIY Build Clinic 3: Mic Parts S-25 Microphone

Audio for Cinema
Chair: John Whynot
Presenters Include: John Escobar, Tom Fleischman, Robert Marshall,
John Whynot

  • Ambisonics in Cinema
  • Best Practices in Re-recording Mixing
  • You Don't Have to Go There: Recording Cinema Audio Remotely
  • The Portable Score Mix: Cinematic Scores on an Episodic Budget

Broadcast & Online Delivery
Chair: David Bialik
Assistant Chair: Fred Willard
Presenters Include: Dennis Baxter, Sam Berkow, David Bialik, Robert Bleidt, Andy Butler, Rob Byers, John Caracciolo, Tim Carroll, Hervé Dejardin, Emeric Feldmar, Scott Fybush, John Kean, Andy Lanset, Jim Leifer, Karl Malone, Paul McLane, Adrian Murtaza, Robert Orban, Jason Ornellas, Matthieu Parmentier, Skip Pizzi, Howard Price, Tom Ray, Ioan Rus, Steven Savanyu, Greg Shay, Steve Shultis, Sam Sousa, Mike Smith, Jim Stagnitto, Jim Starzinski, Kent Terry and Peter Wharton

  • Podcast Production Studios
  • Innovations in Audio Processing
  • Designing Today's Performance Studios into Today’s Modern Facilities
  • Anatomy of a Stream
  • A Technical History of WNYC
  • Advanced Audio for Sports Broadcast
  • Live Broadcasting with Object Based Audio
  • Advanced Audio for ATSC 3.0 Broadcast
  • Telling Stories with Sound: Podcast Roundtable
  • Working with Metadata
  • Emergency Preparedness and Safety for Broadcasters
  • Facilities Designed for/with IP
  • Convergence of Broadcast Over-the-Air and Streaming Delivery
  • Immersive Audio Mixing and Workflow for Broadcast

Chair: Magdalena Piotrowska
Presenters Include: Jason Corey, Kazuhiko Kawahara, Sungyoung Kim, Doyuen Ko, Sean Olive, Magdalena Piotrowska, Timothy Ryan and Kyle Snyder

  • Education Forum - Education Outside School
  • Essential Elements of Ear Training for Contemporary Audio Engineers
  • Surviving the Industry: Self-Care for Audio Engineers

Electronic Dance Music
Co-Chairs: Alexandra Bartles, Rick Snoman
Presenters Include: Nate Mars, Ariel Borujow, Rick Snoman

  • The Art & Origins of Sampling: From Vinyl to DAW; From Hip-Hop to Dance Music
  • Ariel Borujow Mixing EDM Masterclass
  • Remixing - Breaking the Illusion

Electronic Instrument Design & Applications
Chair: Michael Bierylo
Presenters Include: Michael Bierylo, Jayant Datta

  • Not Your Everyday Filters
  • Modular Synthesizer Designs - From the Past to Future Directions
  • Embedded Computing and Instrument Design
  • Drum Machines, Groove-boxes and Tempo-based Electronic Instruments

Game Audio/AVAR/Spatial Audio
Chair: Steve Martz
Presenters Include: Zach Abramson, Thomas Aichinger, Tom Ammermann, Zachary Bresler, Rob Bridgett, John Byrd, Juan Simon Calle, Ianina Canalis, Brian Fieser, Patrick Flangan, Marcos Felipe Simon Galvez, Bt Gibbs, Brian Glasscock, Gavin Kearney, Sally Kellaway, Joe Kelly, Michael Kelly, Tomoya Kishi, Julian Kwasneski, Ming-Lun Lee, Jo Lord, Steve Martz, Andres Mayo, Dren McDonald, Martin Muscatello, Masataka Nakahara, Matt Nichols, Lasse Nipkow, Nils Peters, Mark Petty, Steven Philbert, Grey Robbins, Agnieszka Roginska, Tomasz Rudzki, Scott Selfon, Lori Solomon, Kazutaka Someya, William Storkson, Christophe Tornieri, Benjamin Tsui and Alex Wilmer

  • Binaural Audio - Just a 360/VR Geek Thing or Future Audio Entertainment?
  • 4-pi Reverb Effects for In-game Sounds
  • Interactive AR Audio Using Spark
  • MPEG-H 3D Audio Goes VR
  • 3D Audio Philosophies & Techniques for Commercial Music
  • Music Production in Immersive Formats: Alternative Perspectives
  • Capturing Reality with the Use of Spatial Sound and High Order Ambisonics – Ethnographic and Six-Degrees-Of-Freedom (6DoF) Case Studies.
  • Six-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) sound capture and playback using multiple Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) microphones
  • Producing High-quality 360/3D VR Concert Videos with 3D Immersive Audio
  • Immersive Sound Systems: Interactive Software Application and Tools for Live Performances
  • Music Production for Dolby Atmos
  • Ambisonics tools for Immersive Audio Capture and Post-production
  • Real-time Mixing and Monitoring Best Practices for Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality
  • Reproduction and Evaluation of Spatial Audio through Speakers
  • Building Listening Tests in VR
  • Spatial Storytelling in Games
  • Lessons learned in Game Audio
  • Not Playing Games with Your Business
  • Simulating Real World Acoustic Phenomena: From Graphics to Audio
  • Introduction to Machine Learning for Game Audio
  • Just Cause 4 OST: Creative Collaboration
  • Borderlands 3 - The Wild West of Atmos
  • 3D Maths for Games
  • Audio Productivity in Mixed Reality
  • An Amazing VR/AR Experience Post Mortem!
  • Audio for the GRID: Codemasters Post Mortem
  • Micro Talks: Fast Takes on Game and Play Topics
  • Music production in VR and AR

Chair: Paul "Willie Green" Womack
Presenters Include: Prince Charles Alexander, Just Blaze, Gloria Kaba,
David Malekpour, Hank Shocklee and Paul Womack

  • Chopped and Looped - Inside the Art of Sampling for Hip-Hop
  • The Soul of an R&B Mix
  • Studio Design for Hip-Hop and R&B
  • Engineering for The Abstract: Recording Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest

Chair: Gary Gottlieb, Dan Mortensen
Presenters Include: Scott Burgess, Rich Capeless, Leslie Gaston-Bird, Pamela Gibson, Bjørn Kolbrek and Mike Wisland

  • Rudy Van Gelder: A Legacy in Audio Engineering
  • Spike Jones: Preposterous Precision
  • Women Broadcast Engineers
  • Integrating History into the Modern Audio Curriculum
  • African Americans in Audio

Networked Audio
Chair: Bob Lee
Presenters Include: Jeff Berryman, Andreas Hildebrand, Patrick Killianey, Bob Lee, Sarah Weaver and Ethan Wetzell

  • Network Audio Strategies: Charting Software, Hardware and Internet Requirements
  • Solution-based Approaches for Networked Audio in Live Production
  • An Introductory Tutorial to AES70
  • What Audio Engineers Need to Know About Media Networks
  • Network Media Open Specifications (NMOS) — How they relate to audio networking

Product Development
Chair: Scott Leslie
Presenters Include: Kevin Bastyr, Joseph Beauchemin, Jeff Berryman, Gabriele Bunkheila, Mark Dodd, Tao Feng, Jonathan Gerbet, Charlie Hughes, Steve Hutt, Bjørn Kolbrek, Denis Labrecque, Scott Leslie, Tom Millikan, David Murphy, John Strawn, Alfred Svobodnik, Babak Tehranchi, Remi Vaucher, Ethan Wetzell and Emily Wigley

  • Product Management Modeling
  • Can DSP Fix a Bad Speaker?
  • Introducing A2B – A Low-latency Digital Audio Bus Standard
  • The Predictable Horn: The Why, How and When of Horn Simulation.
  • Directivity Optimization of a Passive Loudspeaker System
  • How to Add AES70 Control to Your Products
  • Does Automotive Audio Need a Systems Approach?
  • Deep Learning and AI for Audio Applications - Engineering Best Practices for Data
  • Patents and Product Development
  • How to Develop Audio Systems by Means of Virtual Product Development
  • Hardware Development using JIRA
  • Mitigating the Effect of In-Vehicle Road Noise Cancellation on Music Playback
  • Using Gage R&R Tools to Validate and Characterize Acoustic Measurement Systems

Recording & Production
Co-Chairs: Jim Kaiser, Michael Romanowski, Paul "Willie Green" Womack
Presenters Include: Anthony Agnello, Ariel Borujow, David Bowles, Eddy Brixen, Alex Case, Gary Elko, Richard Factor, Paul Geluso, Brian Glasscock, Buddy Judge, Ian Kagey, Brandie Lane, Sergio Molho, Len Moskowitz, Michael Romanowski, Andrew Scheps, Howard Sherman, John Storyk, Noah Taylor, WAM, Helmut Wittek, Paul Womack, Jonathan Wyner and Tomasz ┼╗ernicki

  • Pitch Effects: A Panel of Pros Get Shifty
  • The Music Goes Round and Round (and It Comes Out Here)
  • Changing Roles in the Audio Industry
  • Hybrid Audio: Mixing Virtual and Acoustic Instruments for Media Presentations
  • Color in Mastering: the Creative Side of the Discipline
  • Immersive Music Listening Session: Critical Listening and Recording Techniques
  • Miniature Microphones: why are they so attractive?
  • Immersive Audio: Demystified - From Concept to Distribution.
  • Spatial Audio Microphones
  • Tuning the Vocal - Watch, Listen and Learn
  • Pitch Shift FXpertise: Record and Mix Strategies – Broad Range Pitch Effect Possibilities
  • For the Record: Engineering Prince
  • Evolution of Album Production from Start to Finish
  • Podcast Production
  • Live Concert Sound
  • Studio Design For 2070 --- 50 Years from Now – Dare We Look?

Sound Reinforcement
Chair: Henry Cohen
Presenters Include: Henry Cohen, Etienne Corteel, Peter Erskine, Jason Glass, Adam Hill, Andrew Keister, Josh Loar, Peter Mapp, Bob McCarthy, François Montignies, Bruce Olson, Elena Shabalina, James Stoffo, Scott Sugden and Bill Whitlock

  • Seven Steps to a Successful Sound System Design
  • Large-scale Loudspeaker System Calibration, from Simulation-Based Design to Onsite Tuning
  • Your Noise Isn’t My Noise: Improving Sound Exposure and Noise Pollution Management at Outdoor Events
  • RF Super Session - Spectrum, Manufacturers and Advanced Practices
  • AC Power, Grounding and Shielding Super Session
  • A Cookbook Approach to Sound System Optimization with Bob McCarthy
  • Sound for Broadway Theater
  • Psychoacoustics for Sound Engineers
  • Improving Education and Knowledge Transfer in Sound Reinforcement
  • IP Based Live Production Intercom Systems

Student & Career Development
Chair: Justin Chervony
Presenters Include: Justin Chervony, Ian Corbett, Jay LeBoeuf and Drew Waters

  • Education and Career Fair
  • Empowering the next-generation of audio industry leaders
  • Recent Graduate Panel
  • SPARS Mentoring
  • Student Delegate Assembly–1 & 2
  • Saul Walker Student Design Competition
  • Student Recording Competition—Parts 1, 2 and 3 (Immersive)
  • AES MatLab Plugin Student Competition
  • Student Recording Critiques
  • Student Party