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Differential Head-Worn Microphones for Music
Application of Learning Algorithms to Musical Sound Analysis
A Framework for the Design, Development, and Delivery of Real-Time Software-Based Sound Synthesis and Processing Algorithms
An Overview of Audio Technology for the Multimedia Personal Computer
Custom Audio-Video Control Systems
Removing Distortion Artifacts from Maximum-Length Sequence Impulse-Response Measurements
The All-in-One Solution for Audio Signal Level Metering
Algorithms for Assessing the Subjectivity of Perceptually Weighted Audible Errors
Acoustical Design of an AM and FM Broadcast Center
Acoustics and Sound System of Shah Alam Mosque: A Review and Computer Modeling Analysis
Two-Dimensional Directionality Control Digital Microphone
System Design of an AES/EBU SCSI Converter
Proposal of 96-kHz Sampling Digital Audio
Artificial Intelligence-Based Processing of Old Audio Recordings
New Concepts in Pulse-Width Modulation
Theory and Practice of Wide-Bandwidth Toroidal Output Transformers
High-Performance Jitter-Reduction Circuit for Digital Audio
The Characteristics of Conventional and Switching Power Supplies in Analog Signal Processing
A Time-Frequency Auditory Model Using Wavelet Packets
Evaluation of the "Cocktail Party Effect" for Multiple Speech Stimuli for Multiple Speech Stimuli within a Spatial Auditory Display
An Object-Oriented Programming Approach to Tonal Audiometry
A Method for Training Listeners and Selecting Program Material for Listening Tests
Hearing is Believing vs. Believing is Hearing: Blind vs. Sighted Listening Tests, and Other Interesting Things
Loudspeaker Motor Nonlinear Modeling Based on Calculated Magnetic Field Inside the Gap
Horn Drivers: Alternative Approach to Moving Assembly Topology
Efficient Convolution without Input/Output Delay
Interpolation Algorithms: Theory and Application
A New Approach to Digital Audio Equalization
Optimal Multirate Filters for Minimum and Linear-Phase Equalization
Performance of the Cascade and Parallel IIR Filters
The Voice Coil & Eddy Currents
A New Method of Calculating the Directivity Patterns of Loudspeaker Arrays
Reduction of Loudspeaker Polar Response Aberrations Using Psychoacoustically Motivated Adaptive Subband Algorithms
A Proposal for Increasing the Robustness of the AES3 Interface
The Equivalence of Various Methods of Computing Biquad Coefficients for Audio Parametric Equalizers
An 18-Bit, 8-Pin Stereo Digital-to-Analog Converter
Linearization of Multilevel, Multiwidth Digital PWM with Applications in Digital-to-Analog Conversion
Objective Quality Assessment in Perceptual Audio Coding: New Results Using the POM System
AC-3 Operation, Bitstream Syntax, and Features
An Analytical Approach for Designing Quasi-Perfect Reconstruction Filter Banks for Audio Coding Applications
Loudspeaker System Sound field and Vibration Behavior Computer Simulation
Room Impulse Response Calculation by Using Elliptic Contours for Determining Equal Delay Reflection Locations
Characteristics of Musical Signals
Checking Tempo Stability of MIDI Sequencers
Considerations in Grounding and Sheilding Audio Devices
Balanced Lines in Audio Systems-Fact, Fiction, and Transformers
An Easily Implemented Procedure for Identifying Potential Electromagnetic Compatibility Problems in New Equipment and Existing Systems-The Hummer Test
Silicon Microphones
Subtractive and Nonsubtractive Dithering: A Comparative Analysis
Parametric Bit Allocation in a Perceptual Audio Coder
An Efficient Scheme for Lossy Real-Time Audio Data Compression
A Musican-Like VQ Approach Yields Improved Low Bit-Rate Coding of Audio Signals
First Ideas on Scalable Audio Coding
The Relocation of Air Studios
A Simulated Comparison of Dithered and Chaotic Sigma-Delta Modulators
Real-Time Audio Signal Processing on RISC Workstations via Short-Time Fourier Transforms
Improvement of Acoustical Source Localization in Delayed Sound-Reinforcement Systems
A Digitally Controlled Audio Attenuator
Noise Susceptibility in Analog + Digital Signal Processing Systems
Grounding Systems and Their Implementation
The Fifty-Year History of Monitoring Loudspeakers in Japan
SPiKe- Protection Safeguards Monolithic IC and Output Power Discretes
Maximum SPL from Direct Radiators
Log Sampling in Time and Frequency: Preliminary Theory and Application
Real-Time Loudspeaker/Environment Performance Management
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