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Ultra-High Performance Amplitude and Frequency Modulation and Demodulation
A New Image Enhancement Technique for Stereo Reproduction
The Dimensionality of Directivity (Q)
Ribbon Sendust Heads
The Compact Disc Digital Audio System: Modulation and Error Correction
Radiation and Diffraction Effects of Convex and Concave Domes in an Infinite Baffle
The Timbral Image Modulator: A Microcomputerized Controller for Electronic Music
A Format of Stationary-Head Digital Audio Recorder Covering Wide Range of Application
Three Dimensional Energy Plots in the Frequency Domain
Anechoic Chamber with Optional Boundaries
An Automatic Equalizer/Analyzer
Strain-Gauge Sensors Eliminate Acoustic Feedback in Amplified Acoustic String Instruments
Real Time Transmission System of Commercial Messages in Radio Broadcasting
Quasi-Class A/Improved Class AB Bias Loop
The Subjective Effects of Phase Shift in the Monophonic Reproduction of Stereophonic Sound
Non-Linear Estimation of FM Synthesis Parameters
Design of an Electronic Music Composition Studio
Necessary Device and System Conditions for the Design of High Quality Class-D Switching Amplifiers
Engineering an LEDE- Control Room for a Broadcasting Facility
Parametric Equalization Using Digital Filtering Techniques on the 2920 Signal Processor
On PCM Multi-Channel Tape Recorder Using Powerful Code Format
The Peak Program Meter and the VU Meter in Broadcasting
Analog Circuits for Sound Animation
A Simple Pulse Tester for Electro-Acoustic Measurements
State-of-the-Art Discotheque Sound Systems-System Design and Acoustical Measurement
A Digital/Analog Interface for Electronic Music
The Polaroid Ultrasonic Ranging System
On the Simplified Measurement of Interaural Crosscorrelation Coefficient and Its Effects on Sound Imaging and Quality
The Role of ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) in Entertainment Electronics Manufacturing and Design
Reinforced Olefin Polymer Diaphragm for Loudspeaker
A New Sound Localization Control System for Stereophonic Recording
A Professional Digital Audio Mixer
An Error Correction Algorithm of the Convolutional Type Using Threshold Decoding
Determining Noise Source By Its Power Level Distribution
Macromusic from Micros: A Different Animal
Computer Remote Control of Audio Processing Equipment Using the IEEE 488 Standard Interface
Advanced Negative Feedback Design for High Performance Amplifiers
High Quality Analog Filters for Digital Audio
Voltage Transmission for Audio Systems
A Prototype -All Digital- Studio Mixing Desk
VMOS Power Transistors in Audio Amplifiers
A Loudspeaker Measurement System Based on Signal Processing and Biophysical Simulation
Feed Forward Floating Power Supply (High Response-Speed Equalizer Circuit)
Zoom Microphone
Preliminary Results on the Audibility of Midrange Phase Distortion in Audio Systems
A Microcomputer Program for Transfer Function Analysis: Magnitude, Phase and Delay
Television Speaks to Deaf Americans
Investigation Procedure to Obtain Perception Limits of Filter Related Sonic Degradations in Digital Audio Source Encoding
A Computer-Interfaceable Cassette-Desk System for Broadcasting and Professional Sound Applications
Topology Considerations for RIAA Phono Preamplifiers
Early Hi-Fi and Stereo Recording at Bell Laboratories (1931-1932)
The Use of Pressure Zone Microphones in Theater Sound Reinforcement and Recording
Pressure Zone Microphone Techniques for Broadcast and Television
Differential Technology in Recording Consoles and the Impact of Transformerless Circuitry on Grounding Technique
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